1/2 Day Yoga Retreat: Self-Care with Zoe Stikeman May 12th, 2019

On the menu:

Self-care theme to help you focus on your own health—physically, mentally, emotionally. Take a day for YOU.

– Refreshing asana class to spring-clean your lymphatic system and wash away those wintry aches & feelings.

– Catered food that is light, full of colourful antioxidants, and digests cleanly (gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based).

– Something special. I’ve reserved two fantastic and well-recommended RMTs to come and give you massages during the second yoga class.

– A more Restorative yoga class for deep, deep, rest—the kind of release that helps shift you into that parasympathetic nervous response where your body can repair, heal, nourish, and nudge your digestive system back into life. The RMTs will come around and give you little short massages as you rest in the restorative yoga poses.



Check out all the information (including registration) on Zoe’s website by clicking here