5-Part Forgiveness Series with Sarah Salter Kelly May 8, 15, 22, 29, June 5 2019


When we are holding someone else responsible for what is not resolved within our lives that energy impedes our ability to live as whole healthy human beings. In this course we focus on one person we need to forgive (inclusive of ourselves) and take time to explore what is needed for this to unfold.

It is based on my experience in forgiving the person who killed my mother and inspired by the affirmation on her bathroom mirror at the time of her death…

“I forgive myself”
“I forgive everyone”
“I am free”

Class 1 – Who is it  
The person you need to forgive is attached to you energetically. In this class we journey to get a clear ‘felt sense’ of what happened, who this person is and how the issue at hand is affecting us on a day-to-day basis – body, mind and soul.

Class 2 – Victim self 
Our experience of shame, guilt, suffering and helplessness seek expression. When repressed they surface subliminally in resentment or anger. In this class we give voice to what is true in our experience of victimization in our first act of reclaiming our power.

Class 3 – Wolf Medicine 
It is through body of the wolf all may be transformed. In this class we learn how to metabolize our experience of suffering from the perspective of the predator rather than the prey. We track any energy we are holding relating to revenge or anger.

Class 4 – Seeing the other 
The courage to ‘see’ the person who hurt us as a human being and recognize their humanity changes our point of view. Understanding and compassion are fundamentals in forgiveness. In this class we explore these topics and how to authentically experience them without feeling like we are giving a part of ourselves away in the process.

Class 5 – Freedom
Forgiveness is the journey to freedom; a journey that asks for commitment to process, engagement with the higher picture and a willingness to change our stories.
In this class we consider the ‘medicine’ of our wound and how it relates to the gifts and purpose we came here to share.


Healing Connections Edmonton 10548-115st


$195 + gst early bird until April 15th
$245 + gst regular price
Must register by May 1st

Maximum class size 12 ppl

Via pay pal or e-transfer sarahsalterkelly@gmail.com