5 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Massage by Meg McCready

If we don’t know what to expect, we usually expect the worst. Our imaginations work overtime generating possible scenarios … nearly always bad. The solution? Find out the facts. So, we thought we’d give you some facts you probably don’t know about massage.

  • 1. You can keep your clothes on. Who isn’t slightly uncomfortably about taking their clothes off? Even though your massage therapist will always leave the room while you get undressed and never return until you are safely tucked under the sheet, most of us still feel a little self-conscious about being naked. (By the way, it’s fine to keep your underwear on.)
    So if this is what holds you back from having a massage, here’s the good news: You can keep all your clothes on for some types of bodywork. These include Reflexology, CranioSacral, Shiatsu, Reiki, Thai massage and Body Talk.
  • 2. Your body may make embarrassing noises Burps. Farts. Tummy gurgles. Oh dear, how embarrassing.
    No. No, they are not. They are simply the body releasing and relaxing as a result of the massage. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s a sign the massage is working.
  • 3. It’s OK to get emotional If you find yourself blubbing on the massage table, don’t worry. Unwanted emotions often hide in the body as tension. Massage therapy can dislodge these “physical memories,” which then come up as emotion.
    This is a good thing. Becoming consciously aware of old emotions and allowing them to surface can lead to healing and wholeness. Those old wives knew a thing or two when they said, “Have a good cry. It will do you good.
  • 4. Zzzzzz …. Massages are relaxing. (That’s one reason why we enjoy them so much.) When you start relaxing, there’s a chance you might slip into sleep.
    This is not a problem and certainly nothing to feel uncomfortable about. In fact, your therapist will probably take it as a compliment. Awake or asleep, you will still receive all the benefits of the massage.
    And, because massage reduces tension in the body, it can help you sleep better at night. So, if insomnia is an issue for you, regular massages could help you regain a healthy sleep pattern.
  • 5. Massages are really, really good for you Most people have massages because they feel so good. But, they do you good too. Here are just some of the benefits of massage:
    • Relieves stress
    • Reduces heart rate
    •  Lowers blood pressure
    • Increases blood circulation and lymph flow
    • Relaxes muscles
    • Improves range of motion
    • Increases endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers)
    • May enhance medical treatment
    • Helps people feel less anxious and stressed, relaxed yet more alert
    • Creates a sense of well-being
    • Relieves muscle tension and stiffness
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Improves flexibility
    • Promotes deeper and easier breathing
    • Enhances athletic performance
    • Relieves pain
    • Improves circulation
    • Provides asthma relief
      Whew. No wonder most health benefit packages include massage therapy in their coverage.

So, now you know. Massages aren’t scary at all. In fact, they are some of the most delightful experiences available to our bodies. But, don’t believe me. Find out for yourself.

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