Anna Beaumont Voice Connection Therapy

anna-beaumontSinger, songwriter, teacher and facilitator of Voice Connection workshops and Sound of Being retreats, Anna has been studying the voice and it’s powerful connection to life, harmony and vibration for twenty years.  A health professional in Integrative Body Psychotherapy and voice teacher Anna combines the worlds of the voice, the Chakra energy system, psychology and spirituality to uncover your true resonant voice.

Singing has taught me let go, to heal and feel my way through to express myself in my life.  Over the years I have come to know this profound relationship of spirit and matter and heaven and earth that the voice offers us, if we are willing to explore it.  “The Sound that Grounds is the Ground that Sounds

As well as the experience of joy and beauty our voice brings, our voices are a reflection of our connection to Self and point the way to ‘how we do one thing we do everything’.  My voice has been my guide and dear friend to knowing myself to my core and re-turning back to my own ‘Sound of Being’.

My intention for you is to re-discover the beauty and joy of your voice and to weave this in and through your life.  ‘I sing you to me.’  I invite you to sing as though everyone is listening and to live with enjoyment and expression from the deep well of your heart.  If you can speak you can sing and if you have a desire to feel the freedom of singing and let go then this workshop is for you.

There is no experience necessary to participate, everyone can sing and everyone has a beautiful voice.

‘When I first went into the Voice Connection class I immediately lost my fears about not being experienced or “good enough” to be singing amongst other people. We learned to set aside the self-critic and judgement and open up to singing in a room full of other people. The experience was about personal growth and setting up the conditions to sing as much as it was connecting with others in a safe space. Within those connections we navigated the room with our voice and bodies while also negotiating boundaries through voice. ‘ Caitlin Richards – Voice Connection 2014