April 2020 Newsletter Smudging & Cleansing

Sacred plants have been used around the world for millennia. In North America, or Turtle Island, the four sacred plant medicines are sage, cedar, sweet grass and tobacco. Each has its own quality and can be used for different purposes when doing ceremony or making offerings

Smudging or space clearing typically involves white sage, or Palo Santo (from the jungles of South America). Both are revered for their lightness and cleansing abilities. One should always try to source ethically grown and harvested plant medicines and pay their respects to the Earth when using them.

Smudging has ancient roots and can be done with deep tradition. However, this description is intended to simplify the process, with all due respect to the cultures that hold this practice sacred. No matter how you approach this, know that it is a sacred process, accessible to all people, including you.

One should always begin by smudging themselves. You are an integral part of this ceremony so take the time to self smudge. This will help you ground, centre, and align with your intention.

Light your smudge and burn it sufficiently to extinguish the flame and have a moderate flow of smoke. Use this smoke to “wash” yourself. Using your hands or a feather, scoop the smoke from your plant medicine and wipe it over your body. Some people focus on the head, eyes, ears, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacrum and root. The idea is to take enough time to cleanse yourself of heavy energy, distractions and any confusion.

Take a moment to thank the Earth for her support in your endeavour. Feel in your body for any changes, like lightening, clarity and confidence.

Now you can begin to smudge and cleanse your space. Whether it be an apartment, a house or a single room, you can achieve your outcome.

You are exercising your free will over your domain (be sure it IS your domain and that you are not imposing on someone else’s space). It is wise to approach your space clearing with compassion and love. This is why self smudging helps us to prepare. Fear, anger, or frustration will not serve your outcome. That which you are cleansing deserves your compassion and with love, encouragement, and the peaceful exclamation of your free will over your domain, it will be lifted and sent into the light of the upper worlds, where it can evolve. You are practising a beautiful ceremony of liberty and freedom.

Move around your space in a counter clockwise direction, wafting the smoke as you go. Pay special attention to corners, dark areas, cupboards, under beds, anywhere that mystery and lack of vision resides.

If and when you find a spot that feels strange, take a pause and remember your intention to cleanse and clear your domain with love and compassion. If necessary, you may address any dense energy by telling it that with love and compassion you command it to move, leaving your space and to find it’s way to the light where it can discover itself and return to the source of all things.

Be confident and firm in your resolution that this is best and natural. For a wise person once told me, “even dark things fear something, and that is healing”.

*If this feels beyond your grasp or you encounter anything remotely overwhelming, please reach out to a trained healer or medicine person. You may call Healing Connections at 780-488-9779 for guidance. But we believe in your ability to heal your life, so please believe in yourself! *