Auras – The Lense through which we See the World

Have you ever stood near someone, a stranger lets say, and found yourself wanting to stand much closer to her or him? Have you ever, without any known reason, had a strong urge to avoid having contact with a person. If this has happened to you, you were reading or sensing that stranger’s aura!

What is an Aura?
Humans and all living creatures are much more complex than what meets the physical eye. Just as you have a physical body that identifies “you” in the world, you also have an energetic body (commonly referred to as the aura) which contains your energetic makeup or imprint. Where the physical body requires physical food to feed every cell to keep you healthy, your aura requires energy food to keep you feeling vital as well.
Auras are not a New Age concept. They have been recognized as an integral part of our being for centuries by many cultures and religions (1,2,3). The aura surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, containing the energy consciousness of our unique mind, body and spirit. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always relating to our world, our family and friends through this dynamic energy field (1,2). Energy healers are trained in the art and science of channeling energy to clear and charge the auric bodies of their clients. By caring for the energetic part of ourselves, we are better able to experience the world through a clearer lens of perception, creating healthier relationships and a more optimum level of well being on all levels (1,2,).

How do we Sense Auras?
People sense or interpret auras in many different ways. Most people have one sensory perception that is the dominant way in which they perceive information about another. For example, some people “feel or sense” others. When we are repelled by another person, we are likely feeling his or her auric field to be incompatible with our own. Conversely, if we are attracted to another, it is likely that his or her auric field is vibrating at a frequency similar to our own or higher. Some people “see” auras. They may see flashes of colour in the aura or light surrounding a person’s head and shoulders. They may even see symbolic images or stories in another’s energy field. Some people may “hear” a sound or words from a person’s aura – while others have an overall intuition or direct knowing about a person. How do you sense the energy of another person? We are all blessed with an innate ability to sense auras in our own ways and we can also develop our other senses to read auras. Once we decide we want to do this we can begin the process of learning how to heighten our perceptions of energy.
How does your Aura affect your Daily Life?
Your aura is unique to you. It is where your personality resides and where learned behaviours and limited beliefs may keep you from fully being “YOU”. Non-serving beliefs energetically block the flow of our energetic body and inhibit our potential to realize our full expression through mind, body and spiritual health. The clearer and more charged the energy field is, the more we are able to live out our personal life task, experience our passion from within – and be in relationship with others in an authentic way (1,2). As an energy worker I have had the honour of witnessing clients make dramatic changes in their life with energy healing. I have seen how auric energy therapy helps with healing relationships, with physical illness, relieving pain, bringing more joy into life, connecting to our spiritual selves, reducing stress, anxiety and depression and even increasing one’s sex drive.

I encourage you to trust that you are more sensitive to the energies of others than you may think and to use this information to help empower you in your life and relationships. It is a liberating and beautiful experience to journey through life trusting your innate wisdom and more open-heartedly enjoying the full experience of all your senses.

About the Author

Michele Bourgeois  Michele is a compassionate, intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner.  With over 35 years of combined experience in the traditional medical field and alternative and complementary holistic therapies.As an intuitive practitioner, teacher, and holistic nurse, Michèle is well known for her warmth and kindness as well as her clarity, insights, and healing skills. These natural healing abilities led her to further professional study at the institute of hands-on energy healing and personal transformation, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.   Michèle continued her studies and now also offers Grace Touch and is Co-founder of the Living from Grace Program Canada. She has had an active energy healing practice since 2002.

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