Birthing From Within: Birth Prep Workshop Saturday August 22nd, 2020 from 10am-6pm

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This isn’t your average prenatal class! Our workshop is a great alternative to the traditional classes, offering an interactive, connective, and hands-on experience while providing you with everything you need to know. It’s a full day – we call it a “one day intensive” for a reason!

Through compassionate and honest preparation, we will guide you through everything you need to know and introduce practices & exercises to cope with the intensity of labour – for both the birthing person and the birth partner!

Experience an intimate, comfortable, and safe group space to discover what it means to “birth from within.”

Giving birth, supporting your partner in birth and becoming a parent is a big deal! Join our upcoming group workshop and see why our class is different.

Based on your needs, a varying menu of topics will be discussed throughout the workshop, with the majority of our time centered on building a pain-coping mindset.

Other topics may include:
-Coping & comfort practices
-How labour works
-Stages & phases of labour
-Hormones of labour
-Tips for birth partners
-When to go to hospital/birth centre
-Prenatal maternal positioning to increase comfort and encourage a well-positioned baby
-How to make informed decisions
-Hospital practices (including medicated pain management options)
-Home birth & birth centre practices (if applicable to the group)
-Breastfeeding basics
-And more!


Investment $150 (for birthing person and their birth partners)
See our website for more info and to register or contact us at:
Email: transitiondoulas@gmail.con
Phone/Text: 587-596-5878

Refund policy: If cancelling 30+ days from event date a full refund will be issued. Due to high demand and limited spaces, 50% of tuition is non-refundable within 11-30 days of event. No refunds will be given if cancelling within 10 days of event.