Blake Jackman, May’s Featured Practitioner Intuitive Healing & Reiki Practitioner

blakeBlake walked through our doors in Sept. of 2015.

He was a client of Coleen Gallahers and would see her for Reiki.
Over time, after a number of conversations which often seem to happen in our front reception area, Blake started to share some of his passions which turned out to be shared with a number of us. Blake turned us onto the concept of free energy, Tesla, orgonite, grounding rods, plasma, etc.
All subjects which are considered a little `out there` by many, but which when looked at on a deeper level and investigated and read and researched, make a lot of sense and are certainly worth exploring.

Blake also presented himself as someone who was willing to dive deep to do his healing work and has a kind heart and generous spirit.

We became friends and cohorts on a number of projects.

Blake is also one of the players who will be involved in the shared ownership of Healing Connections. We are investigating operating this centre as a cooperative and are exploring and data gathering around how that would look.

Blake brings his whole self to the table and to his work both in the centre and his work as a contractor.
With no further adieu, Meet Blake.


Jane Lightbody

How long have you been in the Healing Arts? 

I started practicing healing and meditation in 2010.

Do you have a specific Modality? 

At Healing Connections, I offer Reiki, Intuitive Healing, and Sirian Star Energy healing. Modalities go far beyond the energy channeling we can use to assist in healing on our journeys. A modality that speaks to me deeply is scientifically understanding and creating healing tools. I harness plasma (aether), as well as create orgonite, grounding tools, and tesla coils to add a physical element to the mental and emotional through alchemy practices.

What type of clients do you like to work with?

This can be a funny question for me. I enjoy working with all types of people, but I have a deep calling to assist those experiencing past trauma, depression, anxiety, and loss of purpose. Spirit however has other ideas of who we see. Clients tend to come who mirror the healing work that I am working with on myself. It is quite beautiful because it can open up avenues of perspective that were not available to each other. Healing work is always a mutual exchange of self-growth.

How do you practice self care? 

Meditation is at the front line of my self-care practice. I also love diving into Alchemy practices and reading philosophy as a major tool in my personal growth. Smudging and working with alters for intention is a daily practice. I have been blessed with a partner who comes from an Indigenous background, so I am able to take part in traditional sweat lodges and ceremony which I have found to be very healing. For me education is a fundamental part of self-care and growth; The more we understand the greater our belief structure, the greater our belief structure, the more we can understand.

What brings you joy?

Looking into the sky and seeing the stars dance dancing about at night. Seeing the sparkling dancing light during the day that consumes everything in nature and people. I also love skateboarding and going for walks with my family. I love to garden and create devices that can improve our lives from alchemy practices to home made ionized foot detox baths.

What is the gift that you bring to the table?

I believe my greatest gift is my background. Having come from a traumatic past I am able to deeply understand the traumas that people are looking to heal. I don’t just believe that change is possible, I am a living example that it will.

Do you have any expectation of your client? 

I expect my client to bring them full selves; To be open and know that life is a process, and trust that they have come to experience a healing modality for a reason even if they don’t fully understand why they have chosen to be there at the moment.

Most importantly I expect my client to understand that I am not their healer. We are our own personal healers. I am there to facilitate and open up new energy patterns that will assist in our healing journeys when we feel stuck, or in the dark spaces of our understanding. The healing work doesn’t end when the session runs its course, It comes home with the individual; As each person owns their own power to heal and release what no longer serves them.

What is your prediction for this earth and its inhabitants?

We live in a funny time. It is so easy to see all the doom and gloom that we are surrounded with. However, in the last ten years I have seen so much growth in individuals as well as on a collective level that I never would have believed possible 10 years ago. I believe the inhabitants of Earth are choosing to move into a healthier way of being and I see the collective conscious moving more into love and an earth conscious mindset.

Do you think we will make it as a species?     Are you optimistic?   or do you think we are doomed?

I believe we are here to serve a purpose. To learn, to grow and to heal. I don’t believe that doom or perfection are opposing forces, just different lessons on Being. If we don’t make it as a species on this planet, we will have another opportunity on another.

I also work in the home renovations business as a general contractor. As a finish carpenter by trade, my attention to detail in the finishing touches shines through. I am honest and transparent with my customers and work with them to create their dreams. I love working in nature in the summer and we have just entered deck season! If a spiritual contractor is something you are looking for, please give me a call. My company is Mod Builders and you can find me online at , on instagram and Facebook.