Blake Jackman Intuitive Healing, Reiki

Blake entered the world of energy healing because of his enthusiasm towards understanding the sciences. As an independent researcher he was consumed by the knowing, that ALL is energy. Immersing himself deep into the world of Eastern and Western philosophies he began to understand that science and spirituality had never been so magnificently similar. Six years ago Blake immersed himself into the world of energy healing, practicing daily meditation rituals and experiencing different modalities of energy as he found himself on a life changing healing journey of his own.

His healing journey led him to taking the Etheric Practitioner course offered by Patricia Dennis, who runs the western presence of the school for Etheric Healing. This work is also known as Intuitive Healing. Working with the universal intelligence of his clients body, Blake is able to assess the energy flow and chakra balancing of his clients biological being. Intuitively locating the source of the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual dilemma the client is having and its associated thought pattern. From there he is able to work with the clients higher self and appropriately shift the energy and rebalance the chakras, opening up energy paths that allow for healing to begin on every level.


Along with the Etheric Healing Blake studied Usui Reiki under Bea Murray, who has been practicing and teaching for over twenty years. Here Blake learned to understand the power of directing energy flow that we are all capable of. Being able to experience and offer this healing energy flow and guiding it through the energetic body, is always a profound realization of the energetic flow of the universe.

Blake wishes to offer his services to anyone in search of energetic healing. He is especially guided to help those suffering from depression, family trauma, anxiety, loss of purpose or alienation. His own healing journey has led him to new perspectives and profound realizations of Being, that he would be delighted to share with others who have been through circumstances he can relate to. To help others realise their sense of purpose and to assist in the energy healing that can lead to a vibrant, healthy, exciting future outlook, is what excites and motivates Blake.

Blake has also immersed himself deeply into the Plasma and Orgone sciences. The field of plasma science is changing how we look at all aspects of our day to day life. Blake offers presentations and workshops on how plasma can assist your daily living. With a strong focus on plasma health, free energy, as well as agriculture, Plasma offers healing to the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual Being.


Reiki – $80.00 for a 1 hour session

Intuitive Healing – $80.00 for a 1 hour session