Body Holdings by Don Ash

The body is the vehicle by which we travel through life. It has the capacity to provide sensations, movements, locomotion, consciousness and free will. We navigate life and learn by our experiences. For instance, how can we know pleasure unless we know pain? Can we not appreciate joy by recognizing the absence of sorrow? Sometimes we keep holdings of these emotions and feelings in the mind and body and they can drag us down, making us not at ease inside our bodies and more likely to be in a state of disease inside our bodies.
We hold these experiences in our bodies both in the tissues and in our minds. It can affect our physical function, our mood and our spirit. Sometimes after a traumatic event; sports injury, motor vehicle accident, fall, fight or muscle strain from work or play, there is energy that is forced into the body and images, memories and/or beliefs are left there too.
In terms of Craniosacral work (CST), we call that held in energy an energy cyst. The body has memory of the trauma and there is a holding of energy that may or may not have an emotional quality to it.
By listening to the Craniosacral rhythm as it echoes through the body we can learn what position the body was in when the negative force came into the body. Holding that position for the patient enables the patient to remember and let go of old trauma. That is why therapeutic touch is so important to all of us body workers.
I had a patient come to see me with a script from the doctor for range of motion of the fingers and hand. But the patient came in with his hand held in a tight fist. I think I have an obligation to this person to help him stop making a fist, don’t you think? Once the hand relaxes and he understands about why he is holding his hand in a fist, we both can get about the business of exercise and recovery.
This for me is what is so special about Craniosacral therapy. The more advanced work deals with somatoemotional release, those feelings and emotions held in the body and how to help the patient let them go. This work is never more important than today when we all are dealing with stress with relationships, finances, jobs etc.
CST assists people deal with the issues of the day whether it be stress of life or fear of death. It is a beautiful skill to add to your list of things you do with your clients. Practicing and teaching CST as I do makes me happy and satisfied that I am trying to make the world a touch better. It may be the exact thing some one needs in order to move on with their life.

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