The Breathing Room: Transcendental Rebirthing Breath Workshops (TR) Sunday June 2nd from 9:45 am - 11:45 am

This workshop facilitates a very powerful personal development method focused on breath that has been safely used by over 14 million people worldwide.  This workshop is based on Pranayama (breath work) which has been modified into a modernized version from an ancient technique.  Through this breath work, you are able to directly experience your own life force energy.
During these workshops, deep inner cleansing occurs allowing for integration, transformation and unfolding of some of your true potential.  Childhood trauma, imprinting and programming is sometimes brought to the surface.  It is also an effective way to detoxify the body and to get rid of unwanted stress.  A person can feel energized for days and sometimes weeks afterwards.
Transcendental Rebirthing also enables you to transcend your body and to access the “other side”; to enter your “inner space” and to turn your life around in a new and exciting direction.
This workshop is facilitated by Certified Transcendental Rebirthing Instructors:  Rick Benyei and Martina Sirm.  Rick and Martina have been on a journey of personal growth and discovery together for over 18 years.   When they discovered TR, they quickly realized that this was an experience that needed to be brought to the public in a bigger way. 


Due to limited space in the room downstairs, participants must pre-register and pre-pay to save their spot.
Cost:  $30 through email transfer (a savings of $10 from our regular $40)
Also available:  4 session package for $100
Please email transfer funds to:


*The session lasts approximately 75 minutes.  There is time spent after the session for sharing, journaling and relaxing.  We encourage you to stay as we all learn from each other from doing so.
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