Caroline Haverkort iRest, Reiki Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

caroline-haverkortFor Caroline, the teachings of Yoga, iRest®/Yoga Nidra and energy-based healing (Reiki) have become deeply rooted in her way of living since 1996. She brings an embodied understanding of the profoundly transformative potential of each of these traditions to her work with clients.

iRest®/Yoga Nidra is a complete and deeply experiential practice of self-discovery, offering mental, emotional and spiritual integration. Caroline will guide you on a meditative journey into the world of the senses, inviting you through dialogue into a gentle process of exploration of the self-limiting thoughts, beliefs or memories that keep you from living your life aligned with your deepest longing.

The deep relaxation that results from bringing awareness to body and breath allows those hidden blocks to come to the surface. The tools inherent in the practice itself teach you how to transform and release them.

“You will discover for yourself, as I have, that the power of welcoming—rather than resisting—our experiences is the key to living life from a place of authenticity and spontaneity,” adds Caroline. “If you can bring a sense of openness and curiosity, welcoming and accepting yourself as you are, then I offer a safe and caring space where we can dive in and explore together.”

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. – Rumi


Caroline’s fees: iRest®/Yoga Nidra: $75 for 1 hr, $112.50 for 1.5 hrs.