Certified Etheric Practitioner Program with Patricia Dennis Part 1: September 30th - October 1st, 2017 Part 2: October 21st-22nd, 2017


The Certified Etheric Practitioner program is a 4 Day course designed to give students a thorough understanding of the Chakra and Auric system and to provide solid instruction for accessing multiple levels of consciousness within the Chakras for balance and healing of self healing-hands w chakra imageand others.

This course is perfect for those wanting to explore their own inner world in a deeper manner, as well as for those wanting to learn to work with clients, family and friends, to shift underlying causes of dysfunction that lead to physical, emotional and psychological issues.

You will take part in a lot of self assessment and healing as part of this course because becoming a better practitioner, means doing your own inner work!!

Upon completion of this course, you will have enough information and practice to be able to perform a basic assessment and balancing on a client/family member/friend.

Study available in person or long distance with audio/video supports.

During the first 2 Days of the Course we cover the following:

  • learning more about the levels of consciousness and the types of imbalances that can be picked up in the energetic body by learning to read and assess these levels
  • taking an introductory look at some types of imbalances that can exist within the Chakras leading to issues in organs, endocrines and bodily systems
  • exploring multiple streams of extra-sensory perception
  • learning to feel for and assess overall energy flow
  • learning to work with intelligences of the inner planes for guidance
  • continuing the ongoing healing of the student’s own auric field

During Days 3 & 4 (October 21-22nd, 2017) of the course we cover the following:

  • Learning to complete assessment on self and others to get a feel for overall flow of energy
  • learning to complete a clearing and balancing sequence for the energetic body
  • learning to assess priorities and be a channel for balancing and healing
  • Pulling it all together to complete a full healing sequence
  • Testing distance healing
  • learning the basics of becoming a practitioner
  • beginning to work on practice sessions and case studies (12 Optional Case Studies can be completed to receive certification through School of Etheric Healing as a CEP Practitioner)

A final 2 – 3 hours follow up conference call will be planned with students for follow up questions and case study support.

Instructed by Patricia Dennis, Intuitive Counsellor and Teacher of Advanced Energy Healing systems.



Contact Patricia at patricia.dennis11@gmail.com to express interest in this course or to arrange time for phone conversation or skype to answer questions.

Investment for the 4.5 Day course and case study support is $850.

If you want to take only the first two days for your own clearing and balancing, contact Patricia for this option ($350).

*Short term discount* $90 off… full price of $750 if you are commit to Part 1 & 2

Practitioner swap sessions are possible following the course to provide additional case study support for students.  These would be arranged and priced outside of this course offering.

6 students are required for this course to run.