Chakra Foundations – 1 Day Class with Patricia Dennis Saturday April 14, 2018

Gain a basis in the Chakras and the Auric field during this one day class. This is a great place to start learn about the energetic body, take the next step on your spiritual journey, or just come and explore and see what awaits you in your own inner world.
This course includes:

  • learning about the structure of the Auric field
  • learning about the qualities of the 7 main Chakra centres
  • develop an understanding of the types of information that can be found in the auric field
  • focus on understanding stress and anxiety as an empath and what to do about it learning to tune in to one’s own extra sensory perception within the energetic body
  • healing and energizing the Chakras through in class guided meditations

This is great class for those looking for a foundation in the Chakras either for your own interest or if you want to pursue energetic or healing work.
This is a great pre-cursor for those that want to dive deeper into the work and take my 4 Day Intuitive Healing Course running May/June 2018.


Pricing: $145 for full day if registered and paid by April 1 and $165 thereafter Half day option that excludes the Chakra overview and healing for $100 if registered by April 1.
To register please contact Patricia Dennis, Intuitive Healing Instructor at or visit my website at for more information on this and my other course work.