Chase Dach 2nd Year Student Therapist

My journey into massage therapy begins with family. In sickness, dis-ease or just the desire to relax and delve into a pool of tranquility; everyone I know saw me as a massage therapist before I even did! My hands were meant to listen, and now I see it too! I’m looking towards the end of my program at MacEwan University with excitement and the willingness to continue  to learn and grow while helping my clients and patients learn, grow, and reach their own goals! Before Pursuing massage therapy I underwent training to become an Agapé Spiritual Healer. This type of energetic work involves allowing love to resonate and fear to vacate! This healing facilitates your journey to allow YOUR optimal cellular state to be! Everything is energy! With the use of intention (based on ideas from people like Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla), essential oils, ancient hands on healing techniques, and your willingness to be well, wellness on all levels can be achieved!

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30 min $25

1 hour $50

90 min $75

2 hour $100

Spiritual raindrop $85

BEEM Butterfly Emotional Empowerment Method $95 (more expensive oils)

(1/2 hour or 1 hour)Higher essence hands on healing (45 minute session for $60)