Clear to Manifest: Effortless Living – Living in the Now January 18 & 19th, 2018

Embrace your spiritual gifts to amplify desired outcomes

Understand where your energy resources are being spent

Grow beyond the barriers of the ego mind & pain body

Allow the prominence of your higher self to take charge

Unity- Make peace with your mind and body


Jeff Hunter delivers CTM seminars which have inspired thousands worldwide. The principles and programs are geared specifically toward manifesting your desires. Our teachings allow you to open yourself to continually receive abundance. Open yourself to unlimited potential. Shift from the effects of external conditioning since birth and being told by others who you are or should be. The guiding principles of Effortless living, free you to discover and experience who you truly are as a divine and loving being in control of your own world.

Facilitator: An entrepreneur, family man and human resource development professional that heavily invested his time healing & deeply rooting himself in awakening his spirit and achieving self mastery. Mastery that any person can achieve. Jeff Hunter has delivered to groups and organizations throughout Canada reaching thousands of people.
Participants comments: Engaging, positive and respectful. Non-judgemental, has a calm presence and is very authentic. Jeff knows his craft, his inspiration is powerful. He’s very gifted in his work and effortlessly assists you to release and let go of barriers. His calm demeanour modelled how to stay above the negativity & stay


Guest Presenter: Orest Zwozdesky leads a powerful personal development technique called Transcendental Rebirthing (TR). It has been safely used by millions of people globally to enhance their state of well-being and connection. TR will help participants deepen and integrate the teachings of the Clear to Manifest program by allowing direct access to the subconscious through the use of a simple breathing technique. This newly cultivated ground is a fertile place for planting the fresh seeds of intention.


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