Colloidal Silver

The power of silver as an antimicrobial substance has been known for thousands of years.  Recent results from research teams and universities have shown outstanding properties against varieties of bacterial & viral pathogens.

A colloid refers to a substance that consists of ultra-fine particles that do not dissolve, but remain suspended in a medium of a different matter.  These ultra-fine particles are larger than most molecules but so small they cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Colloidal silver is not a chemical compound containing silver, but a pure metallic silver of sub-microscopic clusters of just a few atoms, held in suspension, in pure water, by the tiny electric charge on each atom.

In short, colloidal silver is simply teeny, tiny particles of silver suspended in purified water, nothing else.

Why Should I Use Colloidal Silver?

Silver is one of the many minerals that our bodies need to function properly. Before our soils became severely depleted of minerals in the 20th century, the average daily intake of silver was approximately 50-100 micrograms. Today, the typical North American diet contains approximately 85% less silver and other minerals than it did 100 years ago.

250 ml and 500ml Bottles

Colloidal Silver Water is a safe, effective, and fast-acting natural remedy. The benefits and applications of Colloidal Silver are innumerable, this is a powerful natural preventative against infection and disease. Not only is the Colloidal Silver able to protect your body from infection, but in cases where the body is fighting infection it will boost the immune system to help rapidly overcome many strains of pathogens.

We are very confident you will be pleased with the results you receive. Silver Concentration 25 ppm

60 ml Spray Bottle

Replace your hand sanitizer with COLLOIDAL SILVER SPRAY

Colloidal Silver Respiratory Spray is a safe, effective, and fast-acting natural remedy. The fine sprayer is designed to administer a mist of Colloidal Silver directly into the throat and lungs. This Respiratory Spray has case’s of Pneumonia which have been eradicated within 48 hours, the applications also eradicate many cases of Bronchitis, Influenza, and Sinusitis have also been successfully treated. In some cases where convention methods were not able to supply a cure, the Colloidal Silver was able to successfully reverse the condition. We cannot guarantee the spray will treat all sore throats, however we have received many testimonies of sore throat prevention, while co-workers and other family members suffered.

60ml Dropper Bottle

Colloidal Silver Eye & Ear Drops is a safe, effective, and fast-acting natural remedy. The dropper allows as little as one drop to be administered directly into the eye. The Eye & Ear Drops are sterilized we use only Medical or Pharmaceutical Grade De-Ionized water to ensure a pure product. Various eye and ear infections can be treated, in some cases it is overnight, in other cases it could take as long as 21 days. The Eye and Ear drops are effective for all age groups including very young babies. Colloidal Silver is a natural and effective curative that is safe and effective.


250 ml – $33
500 ml – $55
60ml dropper – $11
60 ml spray – $11
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