coMra Palm Now available at Healing Connections

A simple and effective personal device for your health needs, based on established medical technology. Relieves pain, repairs injured tissue and nerves, restores vitality and stamina.


The geometric design of the coMra Palm has been developed to provide maximum “stickiness” or “cling to the skin”, ensuring effortless control during long treatment times, or for hands-free application (e.g. “wedged” between the insides of a bent elbow or knee, or when resting between cheek/jaw and collar bone).

Buttons made from soft silicone give a tactile feel, and thus a distinct difference between materials when using the hand to “feel one’s way” over the Palm, which all aids in non-visual operation for quicker/easier application of repetitive treatment points.

Visual and audio feedback via LED display areas and button/operational tones, ensure that you are aware of the correct frequency and timing. 1 hour fast charging comes via a Micro USB port on the rear of the device.

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This product is also available in our Retail Therapy Store at Healing Connections:
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