Conversations with the Moon April 19th & May 19th 2019 at 7:30pm

Conversations With The Moon is a monthly gathering that includes different facilitators and speakers that share with you their tools of self empowerment. Each month’s gathering is unique depending on the personal flavour of those hosting and attending the event. It’s the intention that each gathering leaves you uplifted, connected and grounded, with new self-love practises and rituals to take away and integrate into your daily life.

Tea. Meditation. Movement. Yoga. Reiki. Journaling. Visualization. Conversation. Community. Breath. Mantra. Sound Healing. Heartful Living.

Please bring, if you can, a journal & pen, comfortable clothing, water bottle, yoga mat and blanket.


Half of proceeds contribute to Acts Of Kindness within the community, with full transparency, documented on our Facebook page and in our monthly newsletter.

For inquiries and to register, please e-mail:

For direct inquiries please call/text Willow at: 587-974-4421

We offer support and guidance for those on the path of awakening to oneself, as we also learn and grow with you.

“Come home to Yourself”