Debbie Faul Certified BodyTalk and Reiki Practitioner

I first discovered BodyTalk for myself as part of my personal healing journey during big changes in my family life. Results were swift and can be more noticeable immediately with acute injuries (a 2nd acute fracture to my right ankle). I knew I had to learn more.

As a former Tai Chi instructor I discovered the joys of assisting others on their healing journey. Komyo Reiki introduced me to “energy” medicine as part of the mind/body/spirit connections. BodyTalk has expanded my understanding of mind/body/spirit energies that can be part of any individuals self-healing journey. Tai Chi introduced me to “new” aspects of mind/body/spirit being interconnected. My BodyTalk practice has on occasion included using Reiki or sound healing (voice & drumming).

My niche – the areas where I tend to be having good results with BodyTalk – is still developing, so more about that will come later.

BodyTalk Benefits for you ?

As a WholeHealthcare system BodyTalk will address the top priorities based on your body and it’s innate healing wisdom. An initial BodyTalk session is like peeling an onion . . . the thin papery layers come off to reveal the juicy layers beneath. Priorities are re-evaluated to create change, changes are distributed and stored to allow new priorities to be explored, communicated with, synchronized and balanced. I love exploring those layers and finding the formulas that address the layers of benefits for you.

Repeat sessions may be needed to reach the “layer” that you feel is one of the most important top priorities, each session builds on the changes from previous sessions . . . this is the benefit to follow-up sessions. It’s important for you to trust “your” healing wisdom and to be comfortable with your practitioner. Going with your “gut instinct” to find a practitioner to explore BodyTalk with is always a good idea.

A wide range of areas exists where your innate healing wisdom will take us to balance your top priorities for mind/body/emotional/spiritual issues. BodyTalk reminds the body/mind/spirit that all the tools for balancing exist within us. As we are gently reminded to access, synchronize, balance and remember we can allow our built-in innate healing tools to work, which can be a wonderful relaxing journey towards easing stress and reducing pain.

I love how every BodyTalk session is unique and specific to each person during a session.

BodyTalk really is Wholehealthcare. I’m looking forward to exploring with you as your innate healing wisdom guides us to your top priorities.



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Komyo Reiki Okuden (level 3) Practitioner
Reiki is a Japanese form of healing for the mind, body and spirit. Pronounced Ray – Key, this subtle hands on modality was shared in the early 1930’s by Mikao Tsui. Reiki involves the practitioners hands either above or placed directly/gently on the client. Reiki is different than massage, as it is a clothes on experience and usually, manipulation is not part of the treatment. On occassion there may be gentle patting of the legs or arms, across the back or chest to stimulate energy flow. Sometimes energy is ‘swiped’ off the legs and arms with sweeping motions. These techniques are gentle and designed only to address the energy field. Any private areas are worked on from 4-6” above the body. A Reiki session creates a wonderful radiance that is deeply relaxing and includes many beneficial effects. At the very least, you will feel very relaxed during a session, often to thepoint of falling asleep. Debbie has studied Reiki with local  instructors since 2010 and repeated her level 1 and 2 Reiki training in June of 2016 with Shihan Inamoto Hyakuten (from Japan) during a class held in Edmonton. Regular Reiki Sessions are a path to complete healing and can be used for a life long healing practice. For first time reiki clients it is recommend beginning with 4 sessions, usually spaced a week or two apart so clients can begin to experience the true deep power of Reiki.


BodyTalk™ :
$111/session  OR  pre-paid 3 pkg = $285
Reiki :
$90/session  OR pre-paid 3 pkg = $240
Access Bars® :
$111 per 60 min. session  OR  60 min. pre-paid 3 pkg. = $285
$150 per 90 min. session  OR  90 min. pre-paid 3 pkg. = $390 
Access Energetic Facelift® :
$111 per 60 min. session  OR  60 min. 3 pkg. = $285
$150 per 90 min. session  OR  90 min. 3 pkg. = $390