Why Energy Healers should be an Important Part of a Healthcare Team

Health Canada’s vision of a healthcare team is moving away from a doctor-centric model, and towards an interprofessional approach to health. I believe that an energy healer should be an important part of this team.

First, let us consider what energy healing does, and what healthcare needs it fills for the patient. These are the main functions of energy healing:

1.    Reduces stress/anxiety/pain/tension/emotional build up

A buildup of stress/anxiety/pain/tension/emotions stops the body from being able to relax. The body spends energy dealing with these feelings, instead of on proper functioning or healing. Allowed to build up, they bring forth what Eckhart Tolle calls the “pain body,” which leads to irritability, relationship issues, and general discontent. Releasing these feelings allows the body a chance to put energy into healing mechanisms, to relax, to be calm, and to thrive in life.

If the cause of these negative feelings isn’t also resolved, they will start to be generated again, but at least the body was able to reduce the buildup and take a break in the meantime, without the toxic side effects of drugs.

I believe that after these tensions are released, a healthy way to manage the stress should be found through meditation, yoga, or Reiki self-care, for example. Drugs can be used as first aid only, to get the situation under control, while exploring a healthy option for long term use. But if a Reiki treatment can do this without negative side effects and dependency issues, then why not?

2.   Brings balance into the energy field

In a healthy living organism, energy constantly flows through it, giving it vitality, good health, and life (this is depicted wonderfully in the movie “Thrive”). If this flow becomes blocked, parts of the body become energy starved and susceptible to disease and injury.

For example, during my education to become a microbiologist, we learned that people are constantly exposed to pathogens, some of them lingering (we swabbed the back of our throats to see what was hanging out there!), but it’s not until the body becomes stressed or weak that they become active.

This also has to do with the Law of Attraction (as described in “The Law of Attraction,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks). The state of one’s energy field sends a vibration into the universe and attracts matching vibrational life and health situations.

If you have a blockage in your energy field from a life situation, this will pull more of the same situation towards you and patterns and cycles repeat over and over again; if you release the blockage you can release these patterns.

3.  Locates root causes and removes issues from the energy field

In the energy field, an issue will compound upon itself. At a conference I heard a speaker say that if you teach medical students about fractal patterns, it will help them understand complementary therapies. How the root is tiny, but it builds upon itself over and over until it manifests into illness or a life issue.

I love combination Reiki/yuen method treatments because the Reiki allows me to be divinely guided, reduces stress, and brings balance, and the yuen method allows me to troubleshoot and release specific blockages.

Typically when I give an energy healing treatment, I am guided to first release emotional buildup and stress, then psychological issues such as fears or over-worrying. I then cut the energetic cords that form between people’s chakras (these cords can form between any of the chakras and drain your energy, the front of the chakras are for giving and the back for receiving).

After I strengthen self-esteem and other “self” issues, I am guided to release spiritual aspects from the energy field: karma (balancing karma in all directions and inviting all who are involved to forgive and forget, for the evolution of all of their spirits), Spirit Attachments (accumulations of energy often causing people to feel they are “surrounded in negativity” or have a “cloud” over their head; release allows a more positive outlook and a generally lighter feeling), ancestral issues (passed on from generation to generation; if the issue is ready to be released, I will call the ancestors to surround the client, and together we release and heal from the issue.

I would really love to do some studies with epigenetics (as described in the movie “The Ghost in your Genes”) for evidence that these issues are being released and finally, past life issues and miasms.

If a person undergoes a traumatizing event in a past life, such as the loss of a child, the energetic imprint is left on the soul. When the soul comes into a new body, it brings this imprint with it. It either attracts the same situation again so it can learn from it, or subconsciously keeps it away (such as not wanting to have children in this lifetime to avoid repeat trauma).

These are all issues that are not covered by most members of the healthcare team, and would require either an energy healer or spiritual healer. After these issues are released, I am then guided to energetically strengthen components of the physical body.

Please keep in mind that the earlier someone sees an energy healer, the better. Energy healing goes deeper than other therapies, but is also at the core of the pattern—the longer the pattern lasts, the deeper it goes and the more treatments/longer it will take to be resolved.

Regularly visiting an energy healer to release any blockages (i.e. twice per year) before they manifest into illness is ideal, but if illness and life issues are already taking hold, then an energy healer can help balance the system and remove the root cause while other therapies help the client.

The pros to energy healing are plentiful. It does not involve drugs, medication, or expensive equipment. It does not interfere with other treatments. It can be offered to everyone: babies, the elderly, and even burn victims and people in a comatose state. It can be offered at a distance to people living in isolated areas.

The drawbacks are that the evidence base is quite poor (which doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it means that better evidence is needed—there are many aspects to take into consideration as it is not as simple as generating evidence for drugs, but I believe it is possible!)

Also, energy healing/spiritual healing introduces concepts that most health care providers don’t understand, or it hits a belief barrier so it is dismissed immediately.

Health care providers are smart people. They care about their patients and want what’s best for them – this is why they work in this field! When they open their minds to an alternative view of what affects people’s health, incorporate this view with the existing model, and all the healthcare providers can work together to do what is best for the patient, there will be no stopping us!

I’m really excited for that day.

Anastasia Kutt holds a BSc in Microbiology and Immunology, and is a Reiki Master Teacher and a Yuen Method practitioner (amongst practicing and studying other energy healing techniques for the past 10 years) at Healing Connections.