Expand your Connection with the Higher Sacred Self! Written by Patricia Dennis

When you think about what it would be like to have a strong connection with the Higher Sacred Self….what do you imagine that might be like?  It probably includes things like receiving intuitive guidance, the presence of synchronistic events in your life, never feeling alone.  All these things are part of that deepening connection and many souls on the spiritual path may have some of these or all of these or more.

The deeper this connection goes, the more “fruit’ it will bear. This connection can also bring gifts such as Divine Intelligence, Wisdom, Courage, Health, Wealth, Relationships set right, Fulfillment, Self Expansion and most importantly Causeless Love and Causeless Joy …and more.   These are quite significant gifts and some of them we may not necessarily associate with a spiritual journey.


In the teachings of Oneness that I facilitate and have been associated with since 2009, it is taught that in order for a person to truly expand, one needs to have their needs fulfilled.  This includes having adequate financial means, good health, feeling significance and worth in life and having supportive relationships.  When these needs are met, one can then focus more on what they can share with others and how they can be of service to others, because their own physical, mental and emotional needs are fulfilled and they are coming from that state of inner fullness each day.

So how do we deepen this connection to the Higher Sacred Self and start to receive more of the gifts that are available to us so that we find this kind of fulfillment and ultimately open ourselves up to the Higher Gifts of the Soul.

Part of the Journey is coming to know what we might call the ego self, and seeing what is inside that ego self…with all its wants and fears and shortcomings and desires and hurts and pains.  We look to become aware, not with the intent to change.  Who we are is an accumulation of many factors and we cannot simply undo who we are.  So we look to have awareness at a deeper level as to what has brought us to this point in this lifetime.   This is step 1…having Inner Integrity and being really honest about what is going on inside our Inner World.    When we are open to see and accept and love what is there, that opens the door for Grace to change what needs to be changed. It allows the Divine forces to help peel away those layers that keep us from knowing more of our True Divine Nature.

Another very important step is to cultivate an ongoing relationship with your Higher Sacred Self or the God of Your Heart. It is similar to the way you would cultivate a relationship with a loved one or best friend.  This relationship needs attention, communication, honesty, and give and take, just as any relationship does.  The difference with this relationship is that it will fill you from the inside out, it will never judge you, it will never leave you, it always knows what is best and it wants to give you all the gifts of the Soul.    But we must make an effort to connect and to surrender ourselves to the Journey that the Soul wants to take us on, not the journey we demand.  This is step 2 and this is the hard part, but also the best part, because from this journey we learn to turn things over to the Soul, and when we can do that, the Gifts of the Soul come forward in much more abundance.


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About the Author

Patricia Dennis is an Intuitive Reader/Healer, Medical Intuitive and Instructor of Energetic Healing and Mystical Principles. To read more about Patricia, please click here