Exploring the Energies of Yin and Yang

Learned cultural beliefs about how men and women differ tends to influence our ability to embrace both of the natural feminine and masculine aspects of our human essence. Yin and Yang, the Chinese reference to the nature of the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang), is inherent in every human being regardless of our gender. Living our life freely supported by the feminine and masculine principles can help us to grow into a place of inner authority with grace, strength, direction, creativity and passion. Throughout recorded history, for several thousands of years the pendulum of power has been suspended mostly in the masculine realm. Feminine power is such a vital component of healing for our society as is the vital pure masculine source of power. The course of history has left us with some distorted images and fears of our feminine and masculine selves. Many of us have never even entertained the idea that we all possess some of both Yin and Yang qualities.
The masculine principle expresses itself in an outward, goal directed, straight forward path to defeat adversity. The yang way is to be more focused on the outcome, what the future will bring through direct action. In contrast, the feminine principle expresses itself in an inward journey to embrace and be with the adversity, to understand it and allow solutions to unfold. Yin is about being present in the ever-changing moment and being with what is. Together the feminine and the masculine principles support and facilitate the concrete manifestation of the material and the emergence of the spiritual aspects of the human experience.
If we take an close look at our activities and expressions each day, in them there lies the yin and yang qualities working in tandem at all times. Some activities may require more of a feminine emphasis such as perhaps dancing and other activities may require a masculine approach such as driving a car but neither activity is completely exclusive to one. Imbalances in our ability to harness both energies often lead to problems and life long difficulties. For example in certain relationships do you tend to be more focused on the outcome and the future and always seek direct action? Do you let the feminine principle expresses itself more and embrace the adversities that arise, allowing yourself to be understanding and allow solutions to unfold? How do you approach your career, parenting, and even your leisure time?
Feminine energy is said to be sourced from the left side of the body and masculine energy from the right side. This is an interesting thought as we think about how to harness and balance these energies. Which side of your body is weaker, gets injured more or is less developed? I recently had the honour of working with a male client who was seeking to understand his feminine energy. He was right handed and so I suggested that he try playing tennis (which he loved to do) with his left hand.
“From a metaphorical stand point I realized that I expected nothing from my feminine side. I believed it was useless. And I realize now that that was my perception of women too. When I was playing it was like my left side was teaching me a lesson. It was saying, “look! See what I can do.. I also realized that I don’t even pay attention to my left side.
I totally take it for granted and that too goes for my hidden attitude toward women.
When I started to hit with just my right again things had changed. The left taught me how to relax. It was like the right side realized that it didn’t have to do it all itself. It was calmer. Things seemed slower and far less urgent or dire. There was a sense of confidence I hadn’t felt before. And the right side felt SO STRONG. Not that the left was weak but the right just felt so capable and unthreatened.”
As full bodied humans in our quest for unity on this earth we are called to understand, know and be able to exercise both the feminine and the masculine dynamics of power and influence in a balanced fashion. Perhaps as each of us attempts to understand both our feminine and masculine selves we can begin to help heal the separation of the genders and other expressions of duality that exists so deeply in our world today. The powers of both Yin and Yang deserve to have their true natures balanced, revealed and unleashed for unity and at-one-ment to occur on the earth.

About the Author

Michele Bourgeois is a compassionate, intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner.  With over 35 years of combined experience in the traditional medical field and alternative and complementary holistic therapies. As an intuitive practitioner, teacher, and holistic nurse, Michèle is well known for her warmth and kindness as well as her clarity, insights, and healing skills. These natural healing abilities led her to further professional study at the institute of hands-on energy healing and personal transformation, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.   Michèle continued her studies and now also offers Grace Touch and is Co-founder of the Living from Grace Program Canada. She has had an active energy healing practice since 2002.

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  1. This is the kind of energy that’s been popular before and many would believe in its effectiveness also. Good thing you are able to introduce it here in your post so people will still have an idea now what it is all about.

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