Garrett & Avril Murrin November's Featured Practitioners

I met Avril almost 2 decades ago at a workshop for women where we dived deep and got very real.   Avril and Garrett have become very close friends of mine.   They challenge me to be a better human and a more conscious human.   I respect their view on world and health happenings.   They walk their talk in respect to living a balanced and purposeful life.

They have been involved with the comRa technology for close to 15 years.  The ComRa technology is something that I use at home  for myself and my family and I am always lending out to friends.   It supports my health and my healing and I trust the people behind the technology.

The Palm is the most recent addition to ComRa and what it brings to the table is ease and affordable accessiblity to homes and families that need support in their healing.
I am excited to be able to offer you this at Healing Connections.  Now.. let me introduce you to the two incredible humans that are the reason we have this technology available to us here in Edmonton.

With no further adieu, allow me to introduce Garrett and Avril Murrin.

Jane Lightbody

Garrett Murrin –

How long have you been in the Healing Arts? 

Year 2000 was my immersion into healing and I have been here since.
Through the door of addictions, firstly tackling my own, and subsequently supporting others in tackling theirs.
So, I began with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing, over time incorporating the biophysical, biochemical aspects of healing as I learned of and experienced the interconnections between them all.

Do you have a specific Modality? 

Yes, coMra.  This is all about coherence, both within one’s body and within ones life.
Increasing Coherence automatically brings about increasing levels of healing, health and wellbeing both within oneself and within one’s relationships on all levels.

What type of clients do you like to work with?

In my view everyone on this planet is on a healing journey whether they are aware of it or not.
I enjoy working with anyone who is actively (as opposed to passively) engaged in this process.
In other words, anyone who is taking the power of their life back into their own hands, or wants to, at whatever step along that journey they are at.

How do you practice self care?

I need to break this into two parts to reply as well as provide a little context, if I may.
For me there is self and there is SELF.
SELF is who I truly am, a mystery I am here to unfold and manifest on the physical plane.
Self is my personality self (mental, emotional and physical apparatus); the vehicle the SELF is busy using to express itself upon the physical plane.
Through social conditioning I’ve become identified with the self, the vehicle (this self is a life in its own right), while denying and resisting SELF in its efforts to express itself through this vehicle I am identified with.

So for me self care is very much about breaking free from this identification with self in order to unfold more of the mystery of SELF, while simultaneously cultivating a most special and intimate relationship with self.

Okay, so what does all this look like practically?

Garrett (self) is fine as is, in other words I am not here to “perfect” Garrett. However, I need to take proper care and have proper respect for self, meaning being sensitive to diet, nutrition, rest, exercise, meditation, recreation etc.,  while focusing on enjoyment of life and all of the many richnesses it offers.

SELF (the mystery) is busy learning to express itself more fully on the physical plane so caring in this respect has everything to do with cultivating sensitivity, inner silence, and many other aspects to not only register SELF but ACT on its direction (which can be downright scary at times).

What brings you joy?

Here again I need to make a distinction,  for me,  joy is not at all the same as happiness.
So if we are talking joy (the desire to participate fully in life), it comes from knowing:
I am walking a path with heart.
I am being real in relating to myself/SELF, others and the world around me.
I am being the best possible me I can be in any given moment.
All of this is directly related to my response to the question about self care.
Being married to Avril, with whom I have the privilege of sharing this journey.

What is the gift that you bring to the table?

Helping people to help themselves would be the broad headline. My particular expression of this seems to be to help people to tune into their true needs.

Do you have any expectation of your client?

I do not have any expectations, rather I look to get agreements.
In other words it is up to the individual what they will or will not do, not me.
I simply support them in achieving their own clarity and from this place make their own agreements with themselves that will aid them in taking steps along their healing journey.

Do you have any mentors or teachers or teachings that you would like to share?

There is One Truth, with many different expressions.  The expression of the One Truth I choose to work with are the Toltec Teachings, as expressed by Théun Mares specifically.  I resonate the most with this practical, down to earth, real and everyday applicable system of teachings. Changed my life irrevocably. Though I will add it is not for the feint hearted. 🙂

What is your prediction for this earth and its inhabitants?
Do you think we will make it as a species?     Are you optimistic?   or do you think we are doomed? 

The future is unknown and so I prefer to leave that a blank. Life is much bigger than me, and besides, comedy equals tragedy plus time.
I use the world as a refection of myself (as above so below). So if I see it as doomed or I am optimistic, it reflects my state of being and where my perception is focused in that moment.  A barometer, if you will.

To give a practical example, when I see pollution in the world I choose to see the tip of an iceberg reflecting the huge mass of the inner pollution each and every one of  carries within, just below the surface. I can work within myself and with others in a practical fashion this way.

Avril Murrin –

How long have you been in the Healing Arts?

I was in the healing arts before I even realized it.  When I look back on my life and the decisions and choices I have made throughout it, there are a number of events that brought me to the path I am on now.  Simply, there are no coincidences.  I became aware of it around 2002 – 2003 though. I was still doing esthetics then and clients started commenting on my magical touch during the massage components of the treatments I was offering. Due to a number of things, my path eventually transitioned into being out of the treatment room.

Do you have a specific Modality?

coMra-Therapy (coherent multi-radiances therapy) is the modality.
I support the overall operations of our business together with my husband, Garrett Murrin.  We are managing most of the North American market for the sales, service, and support of coMra-Therapy.

What type of clients do you like to work with?

I like to work with people who are taking steps in their lives to support themselves with their health especially, but also in other ways, like food for example – mainly in voting with their feet with their choices. They have seen that Big Brother is not actually supporting their best interests or providing health and upliftment for them.

How do you practice self care?

Buying, preparing, and eating high quality, amazing food is one of the main base lines that we are consistent with.
Using coMra-Therapy nearly every day for prevention or treatment of any ailments.
Seeking out what the source is of whatever it is I am facing with respect to my health or challenges in life – what is my body or the challenge revealing to me in order for me to learn and grow from it. Plus seeking connection and support from others who support this approach.

What brings you joy?

– walking and working together with my husband on a shared path of learning about ourselves
– the bounty of beautiful food at the farmer’s market – I’m so grateful for the people that give their lives to, and is their passion to, nourish the world with their growing practices, creativity, and love.
– the close relationships that I’ve had with my family dogs
– connecting with people through shared experiences and also learning and seeking deeper self-knowledge together

What is the gift that you bring to the table?

In my case, the table is the kitchen table :).  The food I prepare is the gift :).

Do you have any expectations of your client?

Yes, hidden expectations reveal themselves. Mainly around people wanting a quick fix and not wanting to change.  So on the one hand, what is the person showing me about my own expectations of myself and what I am or am not doing. On the other hand, where is this person at and have I taken their state of being and their journey into account when placing my expectation on them and did they agree to it.

What is your prediction for this earth and its inhabitants?
Do you think we will make it as a species?
Are you optimistic? or do you think we are doomed?

No predictions, just trying to focus on one step at a time and enjoying the journey.
At times I feel hopeless and think that we’re going in the complete opposite direction than what I see as moving forward into upliftment – basically that we’re completely !*&$ed!
Then other times I feel that we’re doing great and I focus on what I can do and what I am doing already to uplift myself, and therefore others and all of life.