Harreson Tanner, Certified Atlasprof Practitioner, at Healing Connections Appointments available: April 24th - 27th, and May 1st - May 4th 2019

Harreson Tanner, RMT, Certified Atlasprof Practitioner, Physical Therapist, Emotional Code Practitioner, Healer, Medical Qi Gong Practitioner/Teacher, will be in:


Edmonton: October:  24th , 25th, 26th, 27th, 30th, 31st, November, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Healing Connections Wellness Centre 10548 – 115th Street

You can book appointments by email: atlas@bluebell.ca or call (250) 505-6166.

Harreson will be available for the Atlasprofilax Procedure, (www.atlasprofilax-canada.com), Physical Therapy, Emotional Clearing Work (www.theemotionalcode.com) and follow-up appointments for those who have recently had the Atlasprofilax Procedure. The impact from the Atlas correction affects everyone differently. There are three areas of physiological function that the Atlas correction is going to influence. One is improved neurological function, which is the result of taking pressure off the brain stem, the second is improved bio-mechanics (motion and movement throughout the musculo-skeletal system) by putting the Atlas in the correct anatomical position, and the third area of function the position of the Atlas will affect is the exchange of fluids between the body and the head.  When considering the Atlasprofilax Method it’s important to do some research. There is good info on the website, check the internet, talk to others who have had it done.

Everyone Harreson sees presents something different, so each persons experience will be different. Some clients say the correction was like a miracle, then for others who have had
multiple traumas over an extended time it’s the beginning of a process as symptoms slowly begin to diminish and the body begins to stabilize.  Clients with a significant history sometimes need a second application. There is no fee if a second application is necessary.

Harreson compliments the Atlasprofilax Procedure with over 40 years of clinical practice in Physical Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Energy Healing and Emotional Clearing. All therapy appointments are 1 hour and the fee is $130.00 plus GST.

Appointments for Atlasprofilax procedure are one hour and the fee is $300.00 plus GST, $220.00 for children 16 years of age and younger plus GST. Payment is by cash or check. Please note this fee includes one 1/2 hour follow-up session. You can book appointments by email: atlas@bluebell.ca or call (250) 505-6166.

If you have had the atlas profilax procedure and have any concerns about it still being in the correct anatomical position, it only takes a few minutes to re-check and there is no additional fee.



“I had this done in March 2014 and the shifts in my posture and my life have been trans formative and lasting…I immediately noticed alignment in my hips that never seem to stay in place prior, clarity in my thinking and energetic shifts in circumstances of my life.The flow of energy in my spine expanded which simply opens my awareness ‘s on deeper and deeper levels. This is an important adjustment to consider.” Angela Ditch

“Yes, I was going for massage almost every other week all year long last and  due to my neck and shoulder issues and since I had this done I haven’t needed a massage or a chiropractor. So far so good after 5 months. I have to say it worked.” Gary

“Thank you again for getting me lined up and pain free. Becoming pain free is such a transformation.” Leigh Cole, Toronto  , Ont.

“I have had a great winter since my initial adjustment in Sept. and I have had NO VERTIGO SYMPTOMS return since seeing you.  Thank you so much.” Ann Ward, Edmonton

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