Pets Want to Eat. Play. Love. Not be sick…Homeopathy for Pets

petsHomeopathy considers the emotions of people and animals to be of prime importance.

Because pets live with people, they become sensitive to human issues and emotions.  Animals try to adapt but don’t have the tools to understand modern life the way that we do.  Many pets find it extremely difficult to adjust.  As a result they often suffer from stress in the form of anxiety and other more serious health problems.

Animals are also very good at expressing their dissatisfaction with a change in routine or an invasion of “their” space.  Pets will act out their discontent in the only way they know how – a change in behavior.  Very common is when a cat suddenly decides not to use the litter box, a sure sign the animal is “pissed off” about something.  I treated a cat who had peed on her owner’s bedroom floor almost every morning for about a year.  The owner said the cat’s peeing began shortly after guests stayed at her home for 2 weeks.  The cat was given a homeopathic remedy to dissipate anger, Staphysagria, then started using her litter box again and all is well to this day.

For animals, life is simple:  Eat. Play. Love.

So what can we do as caregivers to help our best friends thrive while they live with us?  A session with a homeopath specializing in treating animals is an effective and holistic plan.  During an appointment you will be asked several questions about your pet’s behavior, history, and to describe any chronic or acute symptoms the animal appears to be suffering from.  It is not necessary for a homeopath to meet your pet (although it is nice to see a photograph) but rather to gather information about ‘Spot’ or ‘Kitty’ (details of personality, behavior, habits – especially peculiar ones) plus take note of any physical symptoms.  I once treated a Rottweiler for an itchy red rash.  One remedy was all he needed to get relief.  However, some animals come with a long history of trauma and disease, thus they require more complex treatment and regular appointments to clear their traumatic timeline and become healthier.

Gentle, nontoxic homeopathic medicine is prepared to emotionally and physically support your pet’s health.  Some pets need a daily drop of an anti-anxiety formula – great to give before car rides or during thunderstorms, for people too!  If there are physical symptoms presenting such as arthritis, remedies are provided to address the animal’s discomfort, also to cure the underlying causes of symptoms. Most chronic disease stems from inherited predispositions and emotional causes.  Homeopathy treats the whole animal.  Remedies are made from natural substances and there are no side effects, only side benefits.

It is a good idea to treat both the pet and the owner with homeopathy, in fact the entire family would benefit.  Imagine a home where emotions are balanced, bodies are healthy, and of course there is plenty to eat, play with, and love!

by Lauri Germain, DHHP, DAHH


Lauri graduated in 2009 from the Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst in Ottawa, presently lives in Edmonton.