True Essence Hydrosols Helichrysum, Rose & Sweetgrass

Hydrosols are pure water based solutions created when essential oils are steam distilled. A pure hydrosol is not essential oils added to water, but a unique product with special therapeutic properties with great benefit to the skin.

Helichrysum – Helichrysum hydrosol is an essential addition to a first aid kit. Use it to clean wounds and as a compress for bruises. It is indicated for acne scarring, sunburn, couperose skin, eczema and psoriasis and inflammatory, allergic skin conditions. It is balancing to the nervous system and is useful in times of shock, especially in children. There are references to Helichrysum being used when there is difficulty with family interactions and for this purpose it would make an excellent combination with the essential oil of Fragonia.

Rose – Rose hydrosol is the quintessential remedy for the emotional roller coaster of life. It is indicated for grief, anger, irritation, aggression and depression. It is helpful to comfort those at the end of life. For those that need constant reassurance, or have a lack of courage, offer Rose. It is the plant of the Heart Chakra. Although mildly astringent, Rose is a wonderful tonic for all skin types. It is calming to skin inflammations and cutaneous allergies. It is a menopausal ally and at the other end of life is nurturing to babies. Rose helps you love yourself. We use Rose hydrosol in desserts and beverages.

Sweetgrass – Used as an herb of spiritual significance for hundreds of years. It produces a relaxed, meditative state and it is also used to cleanse a space or person to bring them to a higher vibrational state.

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