Intro to Shamanic Yoga December 27th, 2018 from 2-5pm

Tune into your body, mind & spirit in an open sacred space.

Delve deeper into the energy body by connecting to the Earth and the Sun, using a series of pranayama we call Shaman’s breath. Feel yourself through an articulated and structured Chakra cleansing and archetypical Asana class to build an inner fire that will burn away stagnation that will help you connect deeper into your body, mind and Spirit. In the last pose we will Journey deep to the Underworld to meet Huaskar the underworld Keeper and meet your power animal who is willing to guide you throughout your life.


Facilitator: Anita Weimann

My ancestry is Chipewyan Dene; situated near the Athabasca River along the North land and lakes of Alberta. My clear visions have been brewing since the early days of my youth; one vision guides me to learn and to be in a relationship directly with spiritual knowledge of Indigenous Spirit; one shared by the ancestors throughout the world.




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