Jane Lightbody, July’s Featured Practitioner Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy & Lymphatic Drainage

How long have you been in the healing arts?

I became interested in the healing arts over 20 years ago. I took classes with Robert Rogers and Laurie Scott Rogers and became fascinated with learning about the healing properties of our local plants.

I then continued studies in energy medicine and took my in depth two year full time massage training with Matthew van der Giessen at the Institute of Somatic Massage approx. 12 years ago. I continued with training in CranioSacral work and Lymphatic Drainage and in Aromatherapy.


Do you have a specific modality ?

My modalities that I work with are Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage.

A good part of my time is also spent running the business of Healing Connections


What type of clients do you like to work with? 

I enjoy working with all sorts of clients.  However,  I particularly enjoy working with people that are open to the idea that our bodies are incredibly resourceful and know how to heal, if we can allow the health to upwell verses us trying to fix something that is broken.

I like clients that bring their whole selves to the table and are open to diving a little deeper than the surface symptoms.

I often will work with someone a few times and then may refer them to a practitioner who I believe would be a great fit for them.  I have the added benefit of working with many talented practitioners and have experienced firsthand, their work, so I am often able to match up practitioner with client.


How do I practice self care? 

My go to self care routine is get outside in nature, get my bare feet on the ground, drink spring water all year round.

Go swimming in as many natural bodies of water as I can. Soak in a bath with healthy water, or in a hot tub with healthy water, gardening, walking and of course getting support in the way of all types of body work.
I particularly love receiving massage, craniosacral and lymphatic drainage.

Organic simple food and lots of different herbs and teas and tinctures to give my body a variety of constituents.
What brings me joy?

All of the above in my self care. Having meals and spending time with my kids. Spending time with friends  and family and delving into good convo. Being in my backyard or on my land in Boston Bar. Learning something new. Exploring new ideas and new paradigms of healing and ways of creating a world which could satisfy our deepest longing.
Connecting people and being with or learning from other humans who resonate with this incredibly deep longing for connection.
A connection whereby we all win, by all, I mean the earth, our mamas, us, others, them,we , our babies, our teens, the bad ones, the good ones, the men, the women, my sisters, our brothers, our grandkids, our elders, our old ones.

My work also gives me joy. The people I have the privilege of working with also bring me joy.   The clients I have the privilege of meeting also bring me joy.


What is the gift you bring to the table?

My curiosity,

My heart,

My humour

My listening skills.


Do You have any expectations of your client?

Call if you are unable to make it.

Please turn off your cell phone or place on Airplane Mode.

Be honest and speak up for yourself. If something is not working for you, or if you have discomfort of any kind, please let me know.


What is your prediction for this earth and its inhabitants?

We will keep evolving. The planet may have to expel a vast majority of us humans if we continue on this path of mass disconnect to our earth. However as humans we will continue to evolve and create and learn.

Most of us recognize that we have reached a choice point. Now is the time to really reach deep inside of ourselves and ask ourselves what we truly want to create on this planet. It is time for all of us to expand outside of our comfort zones and learn the art of community and working in sync with each other.

She is being infinitely patient with us. If we can all start to wake up to our connection to her and understand that she and us are symbiotic. Us as humans have the option to enhance this connection with her and ultimately with each other. I choose to remain curious and trust that if I continue to do my own inside work, remain in integrity with who I am, walk this planet with gentleness then I find that I am more often in the flow and feeling alive and see only infinite possibility for us all.

And then there are the other days.. where I may be feeling the weight of my disconnect and I may indulge in moments or days of “we are all fucked”.

Truthfully, I vacillate between the two and know that when I am in we are” f….. ed “mode, I know that I am in disconnect.


Do you have mentors or teachers whose teachings or name you would like to share with us, as we may benefit from their teachings.? 

Hmmm so many.

Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light, Light Emerging. If you want to understand energy healing.. these two books are an excellent start.

Michael Brown, Presence Process, Brilliant method of supporting us through getting real and embracing all our ourselves.. the messy and all.

Aisha Salem, My current online spiritual mentor.

The 8th Fire Teachings with Pete Bernard

Starting to investigate Theun Mares and the Toltec Legacy teachings .


There are a litany of authors and entrepreneurs that I have so much respect for and who have added much richness to my life because of what they speak about and for what they have created. There are a number of people who I would love to co create with, to participate in the  shift towards a higher likelihood of this planet and its inhabitants thriving vs.surviving.