Jane Lightbody Thomas Registered Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist

jane-thomasJane has been a student of the alternative health world for the last 20 years.

She is the proud owner of Healing Connections Wellness Centre.

Her first foray into alternative health was to learn as much as she could about the healing properties of our local “weeds.” This continues to be one of her favourite pastimes: growing, picking and tincturing plant medicine.

Jane is a perpetual student of life and continues to ask questions.

Jane has taken extensive training over the years in energy work, aromatherapy,craniosacral training and lymphatic drainage. She took her two year massage therapy training with Matthew van der Giessen at the innovative Somatics Institute.

“My role as your bodyworker is to assist you to learn the language of your body, whether it speaks to you from your muscle pain, your lymph fluid or through your cranial fluid. With hands on work, you learn to listen to your own body. My hands act as a mirror for you to sense or feel what your body is communicating. I suspect that we make a lot of things more complicated than they need to be. I believe that good bodywork starts with creating a space for healing or magic to transpire … and then simply allowing that to happen. I believe that by learning the art of listening to our bodies on deeper and subtler levels, we can create our own health. When both therapist and client get their thinking minds out of the way … the energy of love, listening and allowing can do its healing. Every Body tells a story…..let my listening hands hear yours.”


Jane (Lightbody Thomas) was so helpful in arranging home visits for the therapists to come to my home. I was unable to go to the clinic because I have a young son and I was not able to pay for childcare while getting treatments. Jane set up home visits with her staff and they came to me and allowed me to get treatments in the comfort of my own home. I searched many clinics city wide and was not able to find a clinic that did direct billing and home visits until I called Healing Connections.
Melanie Hambrook Edmonton, Alberta

As one of the most helpful, friendly, and loving people I’ve met, Jane is the proud owner of Healing Connections.  She’s also a well-rounded healer, with hands of magic.  Jane is trained in energy work, aromatherapy, massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, and craniosacral therapy.   When in a session, it’s clear how much experience Jane has.  Her smooth and comprehensive approach heals patients and enhances their clarity within themselves, at the same time.  I felt soothed and calm after my session.  I highly recommend everyone experience a session with Jane.
Shane Ward, HC Winner, Edmonton



A few questions with Jane…

What brings me joy?

All of the above in my self care. Having meals and spending time with my kids. Spending time with friends  and family and delving into good convo. Being in my backyard or on my land in Boston Bar. Learning something new. Exploring new ideas and new paradigms of healing and ways of creating a world which could satisfy our deepest longing.
Connecting people and being with or learning from other humans who resonate with this incredibly deep longing for connection. A connection whereby we all win, by all, I mean the earth, our mamas, us, others, them, we, our babies, our teens, the bad ones, the good ones, the men, the women, my sisters, our brothers, our grandkids, our elders, our old ones. My work also gives me joy. The people I have the privilege of working with also bring me joy. The clients I have the privilege of meeting also bring me joy.

What is the gift you bring to the table?

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Jane’s Fees

Jane’s fees:
Massage therapy: $80+gst for 1 hr, $120.00+gst for 1.5 hr, $160+gst for 2 hrs
Lymph Drainage massage: $80+gst for 1 hr
CranioSacral therapy: $80+gst for 1 hr