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Sacred Bathing

written by Ally Swist

When I first became a massage therapist I didn’t know what to expect. I was kind of just living, carrying on somewhat content in autopilot- oblivious to any concept of mind-body connection or energy. Until I began to experience what was explained to me as energy with my hands both on and off my clients.

During the sessions I was feeling overwhelmed- my body temperature would rise and almost always my hand(s) would burn. Sometimes I would just feel an intensity and my heart would start to race. It is the only way I could explain it- and many people outside of Healing Connections were not able to relate, leaving me feeling alone – needing answers.

Outside of work I would have trouble letting these feelings/experiences go and would find myself in brutal moods or in actual physical discomfort.  I didn’t know why I wasn’t handling this type of work well, as no one had taught me about energy, human connection and the healing power of it all. I found it necessary to study energy healing through other healers, spiritual books and podcasts etc.
Slowly, it became clear to me what I had tapped into; energy flows and gets stuck and we are sensitive beings. I learned that water scientifically cleanses and clears our body and energy fields. I would find myself physically, mentally and emotionally craving warm flowing water.

The bath became a way for me to let my body go in all ways. Through salty hot water, deep breathing and relaxation, dark candlelit smokiness, my favourite music – my body is able to release tension, pain, negativity, heaviness – energy. I often float on my back in fetal position- which says something, I think. Humans crave to be nurtured and if we allow it, a bath can do just that and beyond.

The bath became a space for me to release, whether it be physical aches or stagnant energy trapped in my tissues from past trauma I didn’t even know was weighing me down. I’ve said many times that bathing has saved my life and as dramatic as it may sound there is mega truth to this. Learning to comfort, ground, cleanse and nourish my body has vastly improved my mental and physical health.

Bathing allows me to continuously dive deeper into my spirituality and connection to the universe. The bath is such a prime opportunity to heal your body, your skin is hot – pores are opened and blood is pumping. Your body is ready to receive and when done right you can make a bath healing and medicinal.

I add many different things to my bath:

  • Himalayan salt when I’m doing a lot of energy work and I know I need support.
  • Magnesium salt for my body aches & when my muscles need soothing.
  • Essential oils such as frankincense, lavender, copaiba, ylang ylang.
  • Goats Milk powder to soften and relax

When I have a sacred bath, I use my oils, salts, powders & herbs, I choose my music accordingly, and I will light sage or cedar wood with the intent to clear my body & my space. I worship, and am passionate about my time wading in the bath and consider sacred bathing to be a deeply powerful form of therapy and self-care.

– Ally Swist, The Sacred Bather

Exfoliating negative thinking, detoxing our spirit of doubt, grief, fear — this is the root of the work to be done, and it can be the hardest to get to. But it’s so simple:Just like you bathe your body, you have to bathe your spirit.”
– Danielle Laporte
“I aim to make my baths as healthy and healing as I can, suited for my emotion and physical wellness at the time. I want others to experience the relief and restoration I feel from a bath, which is why I’ve begun creating. These products are designed to heal your body & mind. Each single item is hand crafted with the intent that you heal an aspect of y.o.u. These are not your average bath products. These are raw, no fillers, only natural therapeutic ingredients.I believe that earth and pieces of it, whether it be a plant or a crystal or salt, has great power to assist in our healing and restore our bodies. My intent with The Sacred Bather is that you use this piece of earth, along with fire, water and breath, to restore and cleanse your body in your own, sacred healing water.”