Jody Faulkner Registered Massage Therapist

Jody graduated from Makami’s 3000 hour Advanced Massage Therapy Program in April of 2019. As someone who has been involved in a full-time dance program, worked physically with clients in long term care facilities as a Health Care Aide and who now enjoys activities such as Pilates, Yoga, walking, canoeing, hiking and all kinds of skiing ( downhill, water and x-country), she understands the importance of keeping our body’s balanced and functioning. Not just for the special activities, but, to be able to come to the sometimes repetitive tasks of daily living with ease and without pain and discomfort in the body.


In her dancing years, Jody suffered an overuse injury that prevented her from moving in her full capacity. Along with personal issues and not being able to do what she loved, she went into a depression. Not having the knowledge, tools or the awareness to seek help, her injury persisted for many years and led to weakness in other areas.  It is finally now, with her new learnings of the body that she sees how everything in the body is connected and how important and effective it is to address the issue and get help with bodywork ( both therapy and movement)


Through inner work and a spiritual exploration, she is now in a place where she lives her life daily with gratitude, joy, love and celebration. She knows what it is like to hold tensions and inner pain within your body. It is her passion and mission through therapeutic massage, to help you feel accepted and worthy and relax your mind and body, so you can slowly and gently let go of old holding patterns. She believes that the more self- care you put into yourself, the more you can peel away the physical, mental and emotional layers that have been built.


Jody loves to connect with each client in the present moment offering slow, deep massage to the clients comfort level, that both restores and relieves. She has exceptional training of the muscles, conditions and treatments. She believes in working with the client, sometimes over several sessions to help achieve their goals. She looks forward to being able to help people with their healing and recovery and assist them to put themselves fully into all areas of their lives’.


Jody specializes in Therapeutic Massage and works towards pain free range of motion and restoring mobility by using a wide variety of techniques. Her modalities include: orthopedic assessment, deep tissue techniques, myofascial release and cupping,  Jade Stone massage,  trigger point therapy, PNF and assisted stretching, joint mobilization and distraction, lymphatic drainage massage, pre/ post natal massage and cross- fiber friction.



“ I started seeing Jody due to ongoing neck and back issues. Being a former massage therapist myself, I feel fortunate to have found a practitioner that is knowledgeable and professional with well – developed practice skills. I’m quite picky when it comes to finding a therapist that has knowledge and skills to be effective and I’ve found that with Jody. I highly recommend her!”

– Lisa Drysdale


“ Jody is lovely! I have seen Jody for a massage and it was AMAZING!  I really love that she enjoys giving 2 hour massages! I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Jody really takes the time to listen to you before the massage, always meeting what my body needs and what I want. Jody is a very kind and open personality! I enjoy that she is open to conversation during the massage but also respectful to times of quiet.”               – Chantal Burneau

“ I first met Jody when she was still completing her hours as a practicum student. I love bodywork and have had many different types of massage over the past 25 years. After our first session, I just kept coming back. I really appreciate both her collaborative treatment style and her wide range of innovative massage techniques. Jody is particularly  attentive to key details like ensuring her clients are securely and respectfully draped. My favourite thing about her is that she has GREAT hands. For clients seeking an RMT who does wonderful deep tissue work, I highly recommend her. You’ll love it!”     – Jacqui Linder

30 Minute $50
60 Minute $85
75 Minute $105
90 Minute $125
120 Minute $168
Hot Stone Massage –  Add $10 to any time over 1 Hr

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