Joshua Carter, January’s Featured Practitioner Registered Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki


It is my privilege to introduce Joshua Carter.
Joshua has been with Healing Connections for almost a full decade.
I believe it has been a mutually beneficial relationship.
Joshua is my  own “go to” bodyworker when I am in need of work.

He has also taken the Eighth Fire shamanic training and has been working with the teachings both personally and with his clients extensively over the last three  years.

Josh brings his  depth,  his  heart and his presence to hold space for his clients to drop into the healing that their bodies are capable of doing.
Joshua is willing to go to the depths needed  and does his own personal work and  is able to ” own his own shchtuff” .  He is also able to be gentle with himself and his clients through his open heart.

I feel privileged to call Joshua  a friend and  a coworker , an excellent body worker and  shamanic healer .

Joshua will be offering regular healing circles called the Rainbow Healing Circle The next two are on Wednesday , Jan.  24 and 31st.

Please check out our classes and our upcoming workshops and an interesting read  from Nora who  will be facilitating her workshop here on Saturday, Feb. 3rd.

Jane Lightbody
How long have you been in the Healing Arts? 

I began exploring and experimenting with massage in my teens. As part of a Korean martial arts class, Hwarang Do, I learned Shiatsu massage. I studied Chinese acupressure through Edmonton Continuing Education when I was 18. Though it was a brief program, I used what I had learned as I traveled around the country, treating friends with sprains, strains and even menstrual pain. When I moved back to Edmonton in 2005 I studied to become a massage therapist. I have been practicing as an RMT since 2007. In 2010 I studied with the Upledger Institute of CranioSacral therapy. In 2013 I began a nearly 3 year long journey studying shamanism with Algonquin Medline Man, Pete Bernard and the 8th Fire Medicine Lodge.
Do you have a specific Modality? 

I blend my modalities of therapeutic massage, CranioSacral therapy, Reiki and Shamanic energy medicine. Each touches a different layer of the client. From physical form, through fluid, CranioSacral rhythm, breath, energetic bodies and into belief and consciousness.

What type of clients do you like to work with? 

It is so satisfying to work with clients who are eager to open up, to learn and receive. When a client puts their trust in the practitioners ability and intent to support their body, it is a delight to be in that service and relationship. As a client myself, I find it most enjoyable, and educational, to experience a practitioner in their zone, doing what they do best.

How do you practice self care? 

My self care fluctuates and changes. Good water and good food are fundamental. I sporadically utilize yoga to slow down and be with my body. I enjoy meditation, usually guided. “Tree Meditation” by Algonquin Medicine Man, is my go to. Sometimes I craft or do art, and I even perform. I find play and self expression very therapeutic and energizing. It’s important for me to explore new things. There is a bountiful flow of workshops through Healing Connections. When I can I like to learn from the amazing teachers and facilitators. Sleep is also a sacred act for me. I often set up an energetic container, one of gentle healing, and invite help from energy beings and simply drift off into a restful sleep.

What brings you joy? 

I love people. I love being in community and sharing space, time and experiences. That said, I prefer those connections to be authentic and honest, not always pretty…I enjoy the raw, unfiltered experience. And even so, I love getting creative about how our experiences can teach us and empower us to grow into awareness and freedom and love. Oh and I LOVE food! Food and laughter and conversation with people is the best.

What is the gift that you bring to the table?

I believe that I bring genuine care and attention to my work. It may be called mindfulness, or curiosity. Slowing down and listening to the body and the mind is a gift for everyone involved. I work at practicing compassion for my clients, and anything they are experiencing. Everything is information, not inherently good or bad, and so I do not judge circumstances as such but instead hold a space for my clients to explore and discover a healed outcome for themselves.

Do you have any expectation of your client? 

My hope is that my clients are open to receiving and curious about learning. Receiving body work or energy medicine is an opportunity to learn about yourself, and to deepen that relationship. The session may provide new information about patterns of holding, resistance or potential to grow. Each of us is our own primary caregiver, and it is our responsibility to allow others to support us when we need it. With that support, we can become our own best advocate for maintaining balance in our lives. Along the way, I hope my clients will accept my help and suggestions.

What is your prediction for this earth and its inhabitants? 

Do you think we will make it as a species?     Are you optimistic?   or do you think we are doomed? 

What a loaded question! Playing in the alley one day, around the age of 5, a schoolgirl walked by and informed me that her teacher had taught them that the sun was going to explode one day. I remember contemplating what that would be like. I imagined total darkness. I grew up during the Cold War, and hearing about the demise of our planets environment. In elementary school we had fundraisers and campaigns to “save the rainforest” commercials about starving children in Africa were all over the television. Once, when I was 8, I called the number to foster a child. My prepubescent voice lead the operator to believe I was a woman, and when the paperwork came in the mail it was addressed to Mrs J. Carter. My parents assumed it was my grandmother Jane, and that there had been a mistake. I was too embarrassed to speak up at first, but later admitted it was me. The point is, concepts of doom and war and death have always been a part of my consciousness, yet I am optimistic. I definitely struggled with depression and anxiety from an early age, but I have also known joy and love, and I choose to hold onto hope. Not necessarily for some unknown future, but for the moments in my day to day life. The “future” was a blank, and unknown for me, most of my life. It was only recently, when studying shamanism that I began to open my heart and mind up to the “long-term” and considered the power of manifesting my own destiny. I believe anything is possible, and I definitely believe that most humans want the same love and freedoms that life, and this glorious planet has to offer. We are in a precarious time. We need to wake up, to clear the static of innumerable distractions, and learn to take responsibility for our world. I see it happening, but will it be in time?  I don’t know.