Journey into your Akashic Records…..gain Healing and Wisdom! Written by Patricia Dennis

What do you think of when you hear the term Akashic Records?  We think of past lives, we think of knowing who we were and where we have lived, we think of mystery and spirituality.  The Akashic Records are all this and more.


We have all had those experiences where we have said…”I’ve been here before” or “I know that person” or some skill or activity seems be to completely natural to us even though we  don’t remember ever having done it before.  In these cases, it is highly likely that the place or person or skill sits in the Akash, and that you have “remembrance” of it.

The Records are a Sacred Storehouse of significant information about lifetimes we’ve lived, including the challenges or tests we have faced in each incarnation, the skills and wisdom that we acquired, the spiritual growth attained, our contracts, our vows, our Soul Purpose,  a glimpse at the future and more.

Our Akashic records sit in multi-dimensional form within our Energetic Body.  They do not exist in a linear form and therefore when we receive information from the Akashic Records, it comes more in the form of pieces, such as images, emotions and snippits of a story.

The information in the Akashic records can be best used when we are looking to solve an issue in our current lifetime.  We can find the root cause of many physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, within the experiences of lifetimes past, including those of our ancestral lineage.  We can also use the information in the Akash to “mine” the Records for skills and Wisdom that we once had so that we can put it to use in the present lifetime.   We can also use the Records to peer into the future, because in multi-dimensional form, past and present do not exist separately.

Can anyone learn to read the records?  It is my belief that with Pure Intent, we can all learn to tune in to our own inner world to learn about who we are as a Soul, what we have accomplished and what our Soul still needs to work on.

Can anyone learn to read another’s Records?  As with any skillset, some people will be better at this then others based on the role they have come to play.  What I have found is that the more we move along our own Spiritual Journey, raising our own consciousness, and working on our own inner world, the easier it gets to tune in to another person.  Why is this so?  The information in the Records is Sacred and is meant to be understood in the context of a Soul that evolves over lifetimes.    Therefore, as our own consciousness and awareness rises, and the more that we cultivate unconditional love for self and others, then the more that the information of the Inner Worlds can be revealed to us in the form in which it was meant to be used.

Does this mean we shouldn’t read the records for fun?  We would all like to know whether we’ve been famous or royal or wealthy or gifted.  This is fine, but in the big scheme of things, it is of limited value to our growth.  The big wins are found when we can heal a relationship, heal a physical issue, gain self love and self worth.  This is the real reason to explore the Records.

About the Author

If you are interested to Journey into your own Akashic Records, join me on February 25 & 26 at Pura Vida in Edmonton for a 1.5 Day Course to explore the Records.   

Course instructed by Patricia Dennis, Intuitive Reader, Medical Intuitive, Instructor of Energetic Healing and Mystical Principles.

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