Journey to Change with Lynn Vollmer September 20th & November 15th

Guiding you to live a life with authenticity by discovering who you are and are meant to be.


Your journey will be done through engaged and focused guided meditations, which will leave you feeling empowered, renewed and ready to live the life you desire. You will gain clarity, insights and wisdom. Allowing yourself the freedom to discover what your truth is, letting go of your limitations and stepping into your soul’s true way of being. Empowered, Passionate and Free!




Hosted by Lynn Vollmer: Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, ThetaHealing® Master, Instructor


May 17th, September 20th & November 15th at Healing Connections


April 18th, June 21st & October 11th at Pura Vida Studio (14920 Stony Plain Rd)


Register online or for more information visit – 780.700.0434