Kim Dedels-Guerin Bowen Therapist

kim-dedels-guerinI am at the beginning of a new journey here in Edmonton.   I have left my business of 14 years up North to start fresh.   Though I will miss my clients and friends, I am very happy to join Healing Connections.

I love the Bowenwork I do and teach.   As a practitioner I find joy in the seeing the profound results my clients experience.  As an Instructor I learn much from all the students I have the honor to meet and share Bowenwork with.  To see the physical and emotional growth that students display from Module 1- module 6 is incredible.   I feel my life is very blessed.

Though trained in several modalities I choose the profound results of Bowen as my main work due to it’s huge impact on the body.

Bowen Therapy is very gentle, non invasive and most procedures can be performed through light loose clothing.   It is like turning on the body’s computer to restore the body to it’s original blueprint via the nervous system.  Muscles are gently challenged and rolled to create message waves to the brain.  It promotes a sense of deep relaxation.

Bowen Therapy is beneficial for:

Sciatic Pain *TMJ *Digestive and Bowel *Infertility *Plantar Faciitis *Back Pain *Knee/Foot *Neck * Frozen Shoulder *RSI * Carpal Tunnel * Sport injuries * Lymphatic *Colic * Scoliosis*  Depression *Adrenal Exhaustion *Bell’s palsy  and much more……

Bowen addresses not only the musculoskeletal framework but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs.

Results can be profound and long lasting.   Once an issue is resolved it is suggested to clients they return for maintenance appointment when they feel the need as they know their body best!  Other clients come to simply get balanced and to enjoy the deep relaxation that comes with Bowen.    Drop in for a session to Gently Rejuvenate your Body.

“Every Body is Better with Bowen”


  • Licensed Bowenwork Instructor with BTAA (Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia)
  • Certified Bowenwork Practitioner
  • Licensed Reflexology Instructor/ Practitioner
  • Other trainings include CranioSacral, Visceral Manipulation, Relaxation Massage and most recently Cat/Canine Bowen


  • VP Canadian Bowenwork/Bowtech Professional Group
  • BTAA- Bowen Therapy Association of Australia
  • Natural Health Practitioners of Canada


Kim’s prices: 1 hour – $80.00