Kim Guerin, October’s Featured Practitioner Bowen Therapy

Kim walked through our doors almost 4 years ago.   She came with many years of experience with Bowen Therapy and as a teacher of Bowen Therapy.  She also had many years of experience of running her own clinic up north.   Kim is a beautiful soul who emanates compassion and caring for her clients and her co workers.   She is passionate about her work, and is always learning new approaches to healing.   I have witnessed her courage with doing her own personal healing.   Part of her healing has involved baking  bread.     She is now a master of  Sourdough , in  which we are all enjoying the benefit.Kim offers expertise and compassion and a maturity to a healing session.

With no further adieu ,let us introduce Kim Dedels – Guerin

How long have your been in the Healing Arts?

I have been in the Healing Arts for 20 years. I opened my practice in 2000 and have been learning and exploring more over the years.

Do you have a specific modality?

My preferred Modality is Bowen Therapy because of  the results I see my clients experience.  This  never ceases to amaze me , the effectiveness of  this non-invasive gentle work.

I am also  trained in Reflexology, Massage, CranioSacral, Dien Chan Facial Reflexology and Chan Beaute facials.

What type of clients do you like to work with?

I enjoy clients from all walks of life, especially those seeking to improve their quality of life, body functioning and peace of mind.

How do you practice self care?

I love trading sessions with other practitioners.   I enjoy long candle lit baths. I find that taking classes and putting into practice new things such as sourdough breadmaking, fermenting foods and sharing these with others.   I find cooking very therapeutic for me.

What brings you joy?

This is easy, being a Grandma!  Hearing laughter and better yet being part of the laughter.  I love fishing and find much joy in it as it brings me serenity and a closeness with nature and God. This is my favorite meditation time.  Camping is another absolute favorite joy.  In  warm weather driving on the highway with the top down on the car,  listening to good tunes.

What is the gift that you bring to the table?

I love going to the zone [bliss state] when I am receiving a treatment so I like to give my clients that same feeling when they are on my table. I am very compassionate and a great listener.  I have had many obstacles and traumas in my life that I have had to work through which has given me the ability to have much empathy.  I love learning and and growing as a person.   I like to believe that I give my clients that hope as well.  If I stop learning I will stop growing, it’s that simple.

Do you have expectations of your client?

I like them to participate in their healing by becoming more aware of their body as well as their mindful thoughts. This supports a great healing setting.

Do you have mentors, or teachers whose teachings you would like to share with us, as we may benefit from their teachings?

I have to say that learning how to listen to the body was the greatest class I have taken by Derek Murphy N.D.  His teachings lead me to explore specific recipes for individual clients.

What is your prediction for the earth and its inhabitants?  Do you think we will make it as a species? Are you optimistic? Or do you think we are doomed?

I have no predictions for our Earth and peoples.   I do believe we will go on as every generation before us have, even in the dark times.  I am very optimistic that shifts will continue to occur and out of those shifts new beginnings for us all.