Knowla Le’Cree, January’s Featured Practitioner Registered Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing

How long have you been in the healing arts?

The healing arts has been a way of living since 2003. I’ve moved in and out of many healing circles along the way. It began with my own inner healing which entailed learning and practicing energy/shamanic work with a variety of bodywork. This led me to study massage therapy in 2011. I then opened my practice in 2012.

Do you have a specific modality?

I enjoy using massage therapy and long strokes of lomilomi as a base where the pressure used floats as deep as the tissue will allow. It is not necessary to cause pain when going deep. Weaving in as the body allows a variety of forms of energy work including working the meridians, reflexology of the hands, face, ears and feet, Thai and Shiatsu to release stuck energy and create flow in the body.

What type of clients do you like to work with?

I enjoy working with all walks of life. We all start somewhere and the ability to meet another with where they are at is no better place to begin each session.

How do you practice self care?

Self care for me is about loving myself enough to move beyond where I find myself in a limited way of thinking or being. Through practicing prayer, meditation and gratitude, writing, traditional ceremonies these move me closer to Creator. Stretching and listening to the body, using the steam room, swimming, roller blading, walks in rain snow or shine it’s all the same to me.

What brings you joy?

Drumming, dancing, laughing, cooking, gatherings with friends and family. Having conversations about where individuals are heading in life and the solution’s they have found to make life easier. I use creativity to transition through situations or where words cannot express how I feel. Anything from building and refinishing furniture to etching glass to making time capsules. This helps create clarity and fresh perspective. This brings about joy and inner resolve.

What is the gift you bring to the table?

By taking the time to listen with my eyes, ears and hands. I use both the client’s goals and an intuitive approach to Relax the body, so it can heal itself. By drawing on any number of practices within each session.

Do you have expectations of your clients?

It’s amazing when clients are open and willing to learn about body mind connections. To become aware of their habits, beliefs and patterns that cause pain in the body. Self care is essential to one’s healing.

Do you have mentors or teachings whose teachings you would like to share with us?

The one that stands out most currently is Dr. Joe Dispenza. His work is for anyone wanting to explore the extraordinary nature of consciousness and healing.

What is your prediction for the Earth and its habitants? Do you think we will make it as a species? Or do you think we are doomed?

I believe as we awaken to the power that lives within, we will be able to make different choices. Choices that serve humanity to raise our frequency. With awareness we can become conscious of the subconscious and begin to unveil the untruths that interfere with our growth as a species. Without awareness we don’t know we have a choice. Moving from survival to creation. Realize your inner world is your outer reflection. We are the one and the many. What happens to one happens to all. Be the author of you own life.