Kyle Roy, February’s Featured Practitioner Certified Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher

kyle-roy1) How long have you been in the Healing Arts?

On the 23rd day of August 2014, I began my journey in the healing Arts, when I was attuned for the first time to the incredible energy known as “Reiki”. Initially this was spearheaded by my own daily self care sessions, but that quickly changed as I began taking on clients, animal and human alike! I always seen myself as more of what I like to call a “vigilantly healer”, who is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the world as a whole.

2) Do you have a specific Modality?

I practice Reiki as my exclusive healing modality, but I am also an advocate of healthy, clean eating and regular meditation practice.

3) What type of clients do you like to work with?
Although I absolutely love and embrace any client who needs healing, I do especially enjoy people who are in the midst of awakening to a greater aspect of self, and are actively engaged in uncovering a deepened awareness of reality. These people are exceptionally driven in their self development, and it is an exciting process to watch their unfolding before your eyes.

4) How do you practice self care?
I practice self care in a multitude of ways, primarily beginning with what I fuel my physical body with. A healthy, clean diet is the cornerstone of my well being. That includes plenty of pure water. Then comes regular exercise and mediation. I also do daily self care sessions using
Reiki’s incredible energy to keep my energetic system completely open and flowing!!

5) What brings you joy?
My spiritual journey brings my life a sense of completion which cannot be found elsewhere. I have always had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, especially for the truth regarding the nature of reality and the uncovering of self. As time passes I inch towards self discovery, and that excites me infinitely. I also create music, which in opinion is one of the most enjoyable experiences to be had! I consider music to be the ultimate, universal language that can heal the world.

6) What is the gift that you bring to the table?
The gift that I bring to the table, is an endless fountain of love and compassion. I am wired to open minds and alleviate suffering. Those are my centers of focus.

7) Do you have any expectation of your client?
I live in the hope that my clients will carry forward Reiki’s healing energy by adjusting any self- destructive patterns, thus making room for the realization of their highest potential, that is fully available to them.

8) Do you have mentors or teachers whose teachings or name you would like to share with us, as we may benefit from their teachings.
As much of my spiritual exploration exists in the dream state, Robert Monroe has always held a very special place in my heart. His first 3 books were quite influential at the time, and they continued to be a source of inspiration along my path. I also enjoy the writings of Dr. Douglas M. Baker and I very much resonate with speakers such as Swami Nithyananda. His blissful zest for life is coupled with intensity which definitely appeals to my personality. I would also strongly advise Manly Palmer Hall as well. Much of his lecture series has enriched my life deeply.

9) What is your prediction for this earth and its inhabitants? Do you think we will make it as a species? Are you optimistic? or do you think we are doomed? 
My prediction for earth and its inhabitants is actually quite optimistic. I believe we are currently experiencing what can be likened to “collective growing pains”. I think the human experience
has taken an irreversible step forward in its awareness. I don’t think we can jam this one back in the box either! Due to instantaneous access to a seemingly infinite array of information,
evolution has begun to blossom forth. That also comes with the gravity of responsibility as we can no longer be ignorant in the face of global issues. This in my opinion will invariably lead to a sort of transcendence when it comes to the illusion of separation from one another.