Kyle Roy Certified Master Reiki Practitioner & Teacher

kyle-royWhat can Reiki do for you? Reiki is a non invasive, gentle technique that involves “light touch” or, if you please, no touching at all to initiate a transfer of healing energy. Reiki is an incredibly gentle and relaxing experience that can be tailored to meet any of your needs and limitations. Reiki is synonymous with Universal Life Force energy and is a integrative therapy that helps any individual find balance, harmony and alignment. As human beings on this amazing planet, we all suffer from a range of issues such as aches and muscle pains, stress related ailments, depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, tension in the physical body, traumas (past or present), physical or emotional abuse, chronic conditions and or diseases. Reiki’s incredible energy brings relief and healing on all levels of our being, and it also initiates your own body’s self healing capabilities.


Come join me and I will take the utmost care to ensure you walk away with proper energetic flow, resulting in a deep sense of relaxation and peace. My sessions last an hour and a half as I carefully work to open every energetic center in your being, releasing deep wounds, and relieving stress on all levels. I have personally witnessed immediate pain relief in most cases, and watched my clients flourish after consecutive sessions. My clients have noticed their stress melt away, more confidence in their everyday life, pain relief on the physical, mental and emotional levels and so much more. Energetic flow and balance is the key to optimal health and a beautiful life. That is why I strive to ensure you leave my sessions open and flowing!!


I am a certified Master Reiki Practitioner – Teacher through the Canadian Reiki Association. I have been practicing since 2014, and I am now presently instructing new practitioners following traditionally approved guidelines to ensure my clients and students can receive the greatest attention and care. I have practical experience ranging from clinical settings to delivering Reiki’s amazing energy to people right in their homes. I have also attended trade shows and educational events where I would give 15 minute chair sessions free of charge to anyone seeking to experience Reiki’s incredible energy. Since I was a young child I have always carried a curiosity for the unknown, and an overwhelming drive to relieve the sufferings of the world as a whole. This inner drive was the catalyst resulting in my spiritual journey of slowly lifting the veil of what we deem as “reality”. In my mid 20’s I began absorbing all types of spiritual literature ranging from the world’s primordial traditions, and practicing regular meditation and soul exploration. I found myself transforming my belief systems and behavioral patterns in all aspects of life. I discovered proper nutrition and regular exercise which also equaled and enhanced my spiritual and energetic aspects. I definitely became, and still am to this day a major advocate of healthy, clean eating to promote an amazing and fulfilling life! Years later I was led to a beautiful healing modality called Reiki. This was indeed a life altering event as it fused my curiosity with the ability to heal others. I now am on a mission to bring healing to all, and to connect fellow seekers with this incredible energy!

A few questions with Kyle….

What is the gift that you bring to the table?
The gift that I bring to the table, is an endless fountain of love and compassion. I am wired to open minds and alleviate suffering. Those are my centers of focus.

Do you have any expectation of your client?
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$80.00 for a 90 minute Reiki session with Kyle