Kylen Sabey Bioenergy Practitioner

kylen-sabeyI first became fascinated with the healing arts at the age of 12. Through my teens, I developed intuitive abilities, read many books and practiced healing techniques with family. I finally mustered the courage to express my talents while in college in my hometown, Edmonton, AB. During this time, my skill and passion for healing developed and I took a more professional stance.

The desire to study further in energy healing brought me to Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing in Vancouver, BC in March of 2012. From then on, my life was completely transformed. I became certified in 2013 and became a Bio-Energy teacher immediately afterwards. I am committed to living, breathing, learning and giving in the healing arts. This work makes my soul soar!

Since receiving certification in Bio-Energy Healing, I have also studied with Angela Prider of White Bone Shamanic Arts, as well as Jackie A. Carter in order to develop my skills further. I have incorporated some of these techniques into my practice but remain largely focused with Bio-Energy techniques. I intend to continue my studies at every opportunity, as well as open the door for those interested in beginning their journey as a healer. If anything were more exciting than seeing a client return to full health, it would be watching a fellow healer’s skills develop – and to learn from every student I teach.

As a practitioner, I deal most successfully with anxiety, depression, digestive issues, back/neck/shoulder pain and PTSD. However, I have treated a wide range of issues that can be discussed at the time of treatment. I take a no-nonsense, direct approach to energy healing, meaning the work I do is relayed to the client in the cleanest way possible. I want each client to walk away with a greater understanding of themselves and tools to improve their everyday experience. I want each client to be pain free, joyous and enjoying the great abundance of the Universe. I want each client to be smiling from the soul every day!


Bio-Energy Healing Prices:
Single 1 hour session: $90.00
Course of 5 sessions: $400.00