Listening to Your Body with Yoga Thursday evenings at 5pm

This class will focus on self-embodiment, Delving into the physical language of your body and your ability to listen to it. This class fosters gentle movement, awareness, breath and self-love. Topics include learning your body’s teaching of pain, creating openness and movement for growth, and finding Answers from Within.


Come February Lauren will be teaching Monday Yin Yoga from 7:15-8:30pm, along her Listening to Your Body with Yoga Class on Thursdays at 5. There will be no Listening to Your Body Class on Mondays.


Yin is a really gently and slow moving class that works on moving into the parasympathetic nervous system and the ligament tissue. This is where we hold long held postural tendencies. So working with breathe and gently long held stretching to get into the deeper tissues of the body.
The listening to your body class involves more movement. There’s movement with breath. All still very gentle and listening to the cues of your own body. There will be variations of postures and options for props. This class also involves mantra, breathe techniques, and meditation. The class will close with quick group discussion. Here people are really invited to find out what yoga means to them. Both are open to beginners.


$ 5.00 for the first class and $7.00 each class after

Email (3 consecutive E’s) for questions or to register.

Yoga will be led by Yoga Instructor Lauren Thomas.