Driftaway Package

The ultimate 1 hour and 45 minutes of deluxe relaxation.  Head to toe Soothing Stone Massage combined with *Raindrop Therapy.  In this session you will experience bliss as hot stones are used to massage your body, essential oils are dropped like raindrops along the spine to promote detoxification and well being. To complete the session a gentle head technique is applied taking you to a state of absolute relaxation.
$180.00, special Christmas season offer of $165
*Raindrop Therapy is a unique process of applying specific oils to the spine. It was developed originally to treat scoliosis, but people are slowly realizing the divine benefits of this traditional detox method. These nine different oils help to eliminate bacteria between the vertebrae, allowing the spine to realign – even one session can result in significant relief. While raindrop therapy is a total detoxification of the body, it also increases our circulation tremendously and assists in softening the muscles and connective tissue. Because of these wonderful benefits, this one hour and forty five minute session is extremely relaxing and healing. Combining the raindrop therapy with a soothing stone massage results in the perfect drift away package.