May 2020 Newsletter A Time for Reflection

A note to our valued and missed clients. This time has been very hard for all of us to not be present and able to help and support you all. While talks of the re-opening of Healing Connections and other holistic clinics have begun we want to ensure we create a space where our practitioners and clients are safe. If you have any concerns about returning to the clinic please reach out and let us know how we can work together to get you back into your treatments.
Though our Healing Hands are not physically on you, this is also a part of your healing journey. We can’t wait to be reunited in with hands as well as hearts.We love and miss you dearly,

The Healing Connections Team

I pondered for few weeks on what to focus this article on. Each time I sat down to write it became pretty clear that the only thing to discuss right now is what lies right in front of us, what we’re all experiencing. I’ve seen plenty of pictures, memes & videos throughout the last 6 weeks inspiring me and reminding me to be grateful. Though that is so necessary,  we cannot (or at least I certainly cannot) pretend that we don’t feel waves of uncomfortable uncertainty that challenge us.

I spent a lot of my time in the first few weeks of self-isolation doing any and every type of self care. Bathing, yoga, dancing, painting, cooking, sleeping –  I was mostly enjoying myself. However I’d notice at times anxiety would slowly creep in and instead of letting my body feel, I’d do my best to shut it out. I thought this anxiety was just coming from the obvious – a combination of fear of COVID-19 affecting me personally and of course what will happen to Healing Connections. I’d let these moments pass and resume peace but I knew I ultimately needed to address what I was feeling.

When our routines and distractions are stripped away from us, and we are left to face us and us alone, we get scared. Sometimes this fear is so unique we can’t recognize the feeling. For me during this experience, my reaction to fear was to overload with activity of all types. body therapy, bathing, yoga, cooking, painting, hiking, dancing, reading. So that I was too busy doing the things I love to feel the fear & grief.


The last two weeks of self isolating have shown me (as I’ve had some tough moments that lead me to address my sh**) that as I run out of activities and distractions, I am forced to continuously sit with my thoughts. This opportunity to reflect on the human I am, who I am becoming. The choices I’ve made, the choices I’m scared to make. When I stopped, slowed down and controlled my urge to resume a consuming activity or project, I truly could accept peace. There is no where to go, no client to meet, nothing but space and time to be, to actually be a human BE-ing. To allow thoughts and feelings that we may not always allow in full, to be full. To not resist, not repress. To release.

We don’t often slow down, we don’t often stop. We’ve been taught to keep moving and work hard. We form routines and thought patterns which control us and when we are stripped of these things and we are forced to stop & be with ourselves – a lot comes up. For some, a whole life’s worth of stuff may be coming up – maybe you just haven’t had the time to really slow down, until now.  So what has been the most challenging part for you? Is it really not going to get that haircut? Or is it that you’re sitting with your crap? All the things that maybe you could ignore as life ran at full speed….


Real reflection & acceptance is difficult, but beautiful and transforming.

– Ally Swist

“Noise creates illusions. Silence brings truth” – Maxime Lagacé