Messages & Miracles March 7th, 2020 from 1:30-4pm

Messages and Miracles: Divine Touches Within Your LifeDeepen Your Connection With the Sacred

What are miracles? They are glimpses into the profound workings of the sacred world we live in. They are places where God or what you consider sacred touches your life. In this little afternoon session we will part the veil for you to have your own experience and understand the messages that are there for you.  I would like to help you see the workings of God (the sacred) in your life, because it is there. You may not know or see a lot of what is being done for you, but it is there none the less, I promise you.

  • How to make room for great wonders in your life
  • How does the sacred communicate with you
  • Why we can’t see our purposes
  • If God has messengers, why should we not get messages? We will explore the messages that are already given to you. They are already in your life and you may not be seeing them.
An Afternoon of Messages with Elana
  • Date: Saturday March 7
  • Time: 1:30 – 4:00pm
  • Registration: $25.00 ($30.00 at the door)
  • Location: Healing Connections Wellness Centre. Edmonton
What is the Afternoon For?
  • To deepen your connection with what is sacred to you.
  • To see the sacred working in your life

An afternoon of laughter, stories and deep insight. Bring a pen and journal. We will be looking at what messages are there for you. As a part of deepening insight it becomes more clear about the life you are living and you may discover your deeper purposes as well.

As a mystic, I will show you how to recognize your own personal connection. It is a living experience. The language of heart is the language of the sacred. Very few people find an easy connection because it is not often taught. We all have the means to this language as it is native to all of us. Come be a part of this.


$25 preregistration or $30.00 at the door

**Special Offer** If you are coming to this event and would like to attend
the Mystix Connection Retreat, we will gift you this afternoon event and
apply the $25 to the retreat.