Michele Bourgeois Body System Cards & "Where Your Mind Goes Energy Flows" book

Body System Cards – by Michele Bourgeois, art by Valerie Woelk

The body system meditation cards are designed to help you more actively participate in your health & well being. When we understand the physical nature of our body systems & what they represent from a holistic perspective, we are more consciously connected to our overall health. These meditation cards guide you to explore the connections between your personal thoughts, emotions & physical health. The self-healing exercises included with each body system help you to use your innate healing power to mindfully restore physical, mental & spiritual health.


Where Your Mind Goes Energy Flows – by Michele Bourgeois, illustrated by Valerie Woelk

The power of your mind for health and healing is already within your reach. Explore the connection between your personal thoughts, emotional patterns, and your physical health.

Learn about your body systems and how they work with clear explanations and colourful art. You will discover new tools to care for yourself in a holistic way through self-reflection and meditation.

Sink into a mindful place through self-healing meditations for body systems. You’ll discover how to activate soothing energy to enhance your body’s powerful healing capacity and feel empowered as you actively participate in your own health and healing.

This book also empowers caregivers such as energy healers, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and yoga practitioners with new tools to complement how they care for their clients.

Body System Cards – $35

Book – $29.95

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