MindScape with Heidi Reid May 4 & 5th, 2019

You possess the most powerful tool in existence, the creative and intuitive mind.

Our instinctive skill of moving through life utilizing subtle senses, brain function and trusting our intuition has, more than likely, been replaced by technology. MindScape is a dynamic means of tapping into normally inaccessible depths of the creative and intuitive mind. This access, referred to as the alpha state, allows participants to actively engage their intuition and creativity for practical applications in life and business.

MindScape, while easy to learn, can be an amazingly powerful tool to develop your brain and transform your life. In just two days you will learn techniques that, with regular use, can improve your life at all levels, including mental, emotional, and physical.


Why Take This Course? MindScape Workshops provide simple and effective methods to access innate mental tools
that enhance your personal and professional life.

Workshop exercises cover:

• Health – Your body has the ability to heal itself
• Business Success – Define and achieve your goals
• Access your Intuition
• Enhance your ability to learn
• Relaxation and stress/conflict reduction
• Creativity – Enhance your creativity, imagination and problem solving


Heidi Reid
Cert. BodyTalk Practitioner, PaRama
Practitioner, BodyTalk Instructor, BodyTalk
Access Trainer,
MindScape Instructor


Course Schedule- Edmonton
Day 1: May 4 – Saturday – 9:00am to 5:300pm
Day 2: May 5 – Sunday – 9:00am to 5:30pm


The two-day workshop is $700 + GST for students, or $650 for those registered and paid in full 3 weeks prior to the course. A 6 month payment plan is available.

Please contact the coordinator, Nicole Senft, at nicole.bodytalk@gmail.com if you have further questions or would like assistance signing up.