8th Fire Shamanic Energy Healing

The ancient wisdom of shamanic energy healing involves tracking the exact origin in time-space of a particular wound or issue you are experiencing in your life and healing it on all levels of your Being- physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual.  The results are transformational.  Imagine healing whatever your emotional charge or trigger is that has created limited beliefs in and effected how you live your life and healing that in an empowered way.  If you find yourself cycling in repetitive life patterns (bad habits, addictions, attracting the same types of people and situations), have felt difficulty letting go in all life’s transitions (career/job, union/separation, death, new identity), have let fear rather than love rule your life, or experience low energy, dis-ease, or a sense of feeling “stuck”- perhaps it is time to track the absolute root cause of your issue and heal it with shamanic energy healing and enjoy living life from the freedom of a healed perspective!  Imagine returning to a state of trust, love, abundance, choice and wellbeing.  All is possible with shamanic energy healing.

Shamanic energy healing is for absolutely anyone and works for people from all spiritual and cultural backgrounds.  It is important to have a clear intent for what it is you would love to heal in your life, as the energy medicine works effectively when it has direction.  Likewise, the energy medicine will work with your own conscious beliefs that both you and those surrounding you hold; it is important to examine if you truly believe you can been healed, if you know miracles are possible, and if you are surrounded by people who are positive and hold the highest vision for you in your healing journey.  If you are struggling with your beliefs of what is possible in your life, perhaps that is a good place to start healing in an initial session for the best results.

A session with a shamanic healing guide can involve:

Energy Healing

To receive an energy healing session is a relaxing and rejuvenating gift to yourself where you would receive healing to any energy blockages in your body or chakras and an energy massage of your aura that would enhance your immune system.  Energy healing can be done for a specific intent or for general wellbeing.  This healing can be transmitted through light touch, in the space surrounding the body, or in a long distance session over the phone.

Ceremonies & Spirit Journeys

Journeying is the entering into a Shamanic Trance to slip between the worlds and meaningfully interact with the Divine Aspects of who we are, and to understand ourselves, learn, and heal. There are Journeys to identify and heal core issues, get parts of yourself back you feel you lost or can’t access, healing self-sabotage, abusive parts of yourself, getting your power back, healing karma or past lives, meeting your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Animal Totems, learning why you came into this life and what you came here to do, finding your destiny and getting direction, meeting the different versions of yourself that live in the alternate realities of SpaceTime, read the Akashic Records, and much more.

It is a great honour that students of Pete Bernard/The 8th Fire have been initiated by medicine rites to share his family’s lineage of shamanic energy healing here in Edmonton!

“Medicine Work is a Way of Life that helps you not only heal, but to live the life you were meant to live.  The world needs you to do what it is that you came here to do, because that is your Medicine, your contribution, your part of the Web of Life. You are important, you are needed, and you are valued. You step up to do what it is you came here to do, and heal whatever might be preventing that from happening. We need you, Mother Earth needs you, and your life and those you love and care about need you. Take our hand, and let us walk with you on your path to remember who it is you really are in your Divinity.”  ~ Pete Bernard, Algonquin Medicine Man (Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation in Golden Lake, Ontario, Canada), founder of The 8th Fire http://the8thfire.com

For more information on his upcoming 2.5 year training here in Edmonton at Healing Connections, see his website’s course description.

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