Atlasprofilax Procedure

Atlas Profilax Procedure with Harreson Tanner

We are pleased to announce that Harreson Tanner RMT, Certified Atlasprof Practitioner, Medical Qi Gong Practitioner will be in Edmonton in April.

He will be  offering the Atlasprofilax procedure, physical therapy, emotional clearing work and follow-ups for those who haven’t already had a follow-up since their Atlas correction.

You can book appointments directly through Harreson either by email: or call (250) 505-6166.

Appointments for the Atlasprofilax procedure are one hour. The fee is $300.00 for adults and $220.00 for children under the age of 16 (GST is included). Please note this fee includes a follow up session.

If you have any concerns about your atlas still being in the correct anatomical position it only takes a few minutes to re-check and re-apply the procedure if necessary, and there is no additional fee.

For physical therapy, energy healing or emotional clearing sessions the cost for clients he has seen before is $60.00 for 1/2 hr. or $90.00 for 45 minutes. For new clients who would like physical therapy, energy healing or emotional clearing the initial fee is $90.00 (45 minutes). Longer sessions are available on request too.

The correct positioning of the Atlas (the 1st vertebrae of the cervical spine) is critical to proper alignment for the whole skeletal system, optimal function of the nervous system, hormonal system, digestive system and cardio-vascular system. Harreson is excited to be able to provide this new method to clients because the Atlasprofilax procedure can have profound and far-reaching affects on everyone’s health and well being. You can find more information about the Atlasprofilax method at or

Following my October 2010 car accident, injuries to my upper cervical spine left me barely moving and in a dangerous and precarious position. I wore a neck brace for more than a year. I also had paralysis to the left side of my face, which is completely gone after ONE Atlasprofilax treatment. I no longer have the (joker) face of a stroke victim. The TMJ to the left side of my jaw is completely gone after ONE treatment. The ‘dead’ feeling muscles which control the movement of my left eye are fully functional again after ONE treatment. It is the best $300 I have ever spent in my life. I am extraordinarily grateful to have my ‘life’ back from this treatment.  Lara Zukiwski, Edmonton, AB

I can’t believe this. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. The pain in my right shoulder is completely gone, in fact I have no pain in my body … WHICH IS completely amazing. I have lived for 15 years with pain, now nothing in one hour … I’m able to move my head from side to side once again. I have full mobility both ways, I never thought I would ever again. I have my life back again! No chronic headache at all, and my head feels free and light! I even feel taller, amazing. If anyone has any doubts … any at all, please … tell them to call me. Sharon*, Fitness Trainer, Gray Creek, West Kootenays, B.C.

*NOTE: Motorcycle and car accident survivor. Spent several years in a wheelchair, never fully recovered upper and lower back mobility.