Intuitive Readings and Healings

Every body vibrates with a story that tells of their past, present and future.  It vibrates with the knowledge of lifetimes past and the information of one’s genetic history.

The body is comprised of many layers from the more dense and physical layers, to the most subtle and sublime layers.  Within these layers are found information about a person’s physical make up, their emotions, thought forms, ancestral imprints, karma, potentials and so much more.

During an intuitive reading, the practitioner will connect with the client to help them come to know the many layers of themselves.  During this process, and where the client is ready, we can uncover causes of issues manifesting into the current physical world (whether physical, emotional, spiritual etc).  We can also help understand the reason why the particular challenge was brought into the client’s awareness.

Intuitive readings help connect one with their Higher Self and their Guides of the Inner planes.  This can help the client find the guidance and balance needed to navigate the path forward.

Intuitive readings and healings can take many shapes and forms including energetic readings, healings, tarot layouts and Akashic records readings, medical intuitive readings or a blending of several of these depending on client requirements.

Inquire with your practitioner about the possibilities that match your requirements.